GETTING DIVORCED: The Acknowledgement Of Service Form

GETTING DIVORCED: The Acknowledgement Of Service Form

So you’ve been served with divorce papers, what do you do?!? In this video, we aim to break down the acknowledgement of service form and explain what this all means for you. Mostly, this video is for Respondents, but Petitioners may benefit from it too!

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Intro: (0:00)
Serving The Petition: (1:14)
How Long Do I Have?: (5:07)
Do I Need To Return It?: (7:06)
The Form Itself: (9:12)
Defending A Divorce: (16:03)
Where Adultery Is Relevant: (21:52)
Costs: (13:40)
The Rest Of The Form: (28:32)
Outro: (35:55)

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  1. Hi what happens if the respondent don’t respond on time and the petitioner apples for decree nisi and later while decree nisi is with the judge and the respondent responds

  2. Hi this video was so very useful. I have a question to ask would it be possible to get your email address to write to you. Many thanks

  3. So if there is no prospect of getting back, is it better, in terms of mitigate cost recovery, to be petitioner (where one has control on demanding cost recovery from the respondent)?

  4. Excellent informative video, really helped me out, thank you. When will you be doing one about filling out the concent form?

  5. My petition somehow found it’s way to the bottom of the fruit bowl, only finding it by accident/pure chance and me responding literally the last day. People

  6. Does the Courts always give yes order to respondent to pay for cost of petitioner to pay in scenario of 2-year separation + respondent consent?
    I understand that under category 5-years separation, cost recovery is not awarded to petitioner by the Court; correct?

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