Going Through a Divorce And I'm About To Be A Single Mom Of 5 Kids

Going Through a Divorce And I'm About To Be A Single Mom Of 5 Kids

Going Through a Divorce And I’m About To Be A Single Mom Of 5 Kids

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  1. How about she get out the house that her husband earned by being a retiree i seen a lot of this in the military

  2. Sometimes Dave is just the dad that everyone needs to talk to just to hear that it will be okay.

  3. Many of Dave’s callers are people getting divorced. Maybe that is why he does not recommend prenuptials. He would lose callers.

  4. 72% look man Dave is wrong and want to put him in jail where is his money coming from. Military guy who served his country and want to rake him over the fire. So she got her ducks in a row got a nursing degree and divorced him after he took care of her and she is a manipulative female

  5. We are poor military- getting subsidized housing, free education…
    So decided to have five kids. If you considered yourself always poor why did you have five kids?
    Why can’t you pay rent?
    “Because I’ve never paid rent”…what a crazy statement. So much entitlement and victim hood in this call.

    There may be a reason this guy bailed.

  6. I’m confused. Didn’t she say she was in military housing? So what does she mean it’s her turn to pay the rent? There ISN’T any rent in military housing.

  7. this woman doesn’t know how to pay the rent because she’s never done it? No wonder she has a 25-year-old child. She didn’t grow up herself so how is she going to show others how to grow up.

  8. Dave you sir are not a Christian. You are a Catholic. To encourage this type of female rebellion and feminist attitude is disgusting.

  9. I feel bad for this lady. I think she’s still in a little shock. I know what it’s like someone walks away after a long time marriage and leaves you with kids and doesn’t really help. I wish the best for her but Dave is right. She needs to tighten the belt and step up.. It sucks but that’s all you can really do

  10. The 25 and 19 year olds could work jobs at the supermarket each bringing in 250 to the household. 500 extra a week would help a ton.

  11. Imagine listening to her go off on you.. dude probably left for a reason. There’s two sides to the story. We don’t know what he really pays for

  12. Why didn’t you work in marriage. Why will you expect your husband to pay all your bills and on top of that you acquire all these debt and expect the man to pay every bills. No wonder he left! Dave is wrong. It seems she was unfair to the husband with all this payment.

  13. Sometimes I wish people would explain the situation and just listen to the advice instead of trying to sound clever.

  14. Why do they have student loans being in the military? I thought the military took care of school loans 🤔

  15. I can’t pay my rent cuase I never paid for it, my daddy-husband was taking care of everything my whole life. And she is 45!!! No wonder her husband left, he was living with overgrown child

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