Going to Therapy | Marriage Counseling

Going to Therapy | Marriage Counseling

This video is all about going to therapy, going to marriage counseling, and getting my spouse to go to therapy. We each have our own therapists and a marriage counselor. I share what it’s like, what to look for in a marriage counselor, how often we go to counseling, our costs for counseling, and how I prepare for counseling sessions.

1:50 My History with Counseling
6:55 How I Got My Husband to Go to Therapy
11:28 Marriage Counseling
19:47 Frequency
20:22 Benefits
21:19 Barriers
23:21 Cost
24:15 My Approach to Therapy

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  1. I’ve been meaning to start back going to counseling, but I can’t honestly say why I haven’t started it as of yet. Thank you for sharing.

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