Good Premarital Counseling Questions To Ask | Paul Friedman

Good Premarital Counseling Questions To Ask | Paul Friedman

What are the best questions to ask when visiting a premarital counselor? Watch Paul share these questions and other topics you should consider before getting married.

The Marriage Foundation was started in order to help couples who are already married and having difficulty and then it’s a dream of mine to get this same information out to couples who are just starting out instead of having to regroup and begin their marriage again. They could start out on the right foot and do everything right so they have a very successful marriage and frankly, zero chance of failure.

That may sound crazy in this world of a 50% divorce rate but I want to assure you, I was a professional divorce mediator before I became a marriage saver, and I want to assure you that it’s not only possible to have a great marriage unless you screw things up, you’re going to have a fantastic marriage but I gotta take it a step further.

You need to learn more than you already know about yourself, about your spouse as people, as individuals, and in general terms. You need to understand your spouse almost clinically so you know what turns them on and what shuts them down, and you also have to know about yourself. You have to be able to control your mind.

We go into marriage, we go into most of life basically, victims of our habits, emotions, and instincts and we need to turn that around. We need to learn how to control ourselves because that’s the topic of this video.

What are the best questions to ask in premarital counseling?

The best question really isn’t about you as an individual or about them as an individual although you do need to ask certain questions. It’s more of where do I learn, how do I start grasping this knowledge so that we can have a phenomenal marriage. We all know about the carrot and the stick. The punishment comes when you do things wrong, that’s the stick. The carrot is the reward that saying goes back to how they used to get mules to move. You offer them a carrot and he moves forward.

Some people used to dangle a carrot in front of them and use a stick to give them a little swat on the butt. Obviously, we don’t want to treat ourselves that way with carrot and stick. What we want to do is live our lives in the most productive way that creates the most happiness the same with the marriage so you got to know-how. You got to know what’s going on.

The best question is, where do I get the best course for premarital?

That is at the Premarital Academy. This was not intended to be a sales pitch but the truth is that just asking one or two questions isn’t going to do it. There are some questions that you do need to know about your spouse and that’s really why you chose this video. I’m going to tell you a few things. I’m going to tell you that people are amazing when it comes to hiding things. They don’t want you to know about.

We get stories at The Marriage Foundation about couples who have been together for 10-15 years who didn’t know things that are really important and I’m not going to get into the details, that’s not important. What is important is for you to have a system that unwraps the person you’re contemplating marriage with. You want to know them and you can’t be shy about it. I even recommend that people hire a private detective to just make sure there isn’t something hidden that you need to know.

People end up marrying pedophiles, drug addicts alcoholics, gambling addicts, porn people who are really into porn. People who are philanderers who can’t take their eyes off of other women. They marry women who just can’t get past previous boyfriends and hook up with them later. You’d really need to do your homework because when you get married you’re marrying for life and you’re marrying in order to be happier than you are today.

The truth is that marriage will make you happier than you’ve ever been and that happiness can grow exponentially every single day but it also can get derailed if you marry the wrong person. The answer to your question is to get the course the premarital course.

If you know someone who’s getting married get them the course as a gift. It’s inexpensive, I made it. We made it intentionally inexpensive so people will utilize it because it’ll change your life which changes the world.

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