Grand Theft Auto 5 Glitch – Floating Truck – Marriage Counseling Mission

Grand Theft Auto 5 Glitch – Floating Truck – Marriage Counseling Mission

Found this odd glitch while trying to get a gold medal on the marriage counseling mission. I replicated the glitch twice and then it stopped for some weird reason.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Marriage Counseling Glitch
Grand Theft Auto 5 Floating Truck Glitch


  1. How do you get past this shit? I’ve tried playing as both characters and reloading game saves and nothing! Anyone out there have some ideas?

  2. I’ve tried this mission four times now….I just can’t get passed it..I have no idea what to do. If anyone has any answers its really appreciated…I can’t switch characters cause I’ve never beat the mission before.

  3. When the glitch happened to me, I had already beat the mission and I had gone back to try and get gold. When I tried to redo it, I was playing as trevor. I went back and switched to Michael and then went back and it was fine. Hope this helps!

  4. To anyone who is still having problems with this I have 2 ways you might be able to fix this. In my opinion I would do both of these methods just in case.
    1. Delete your console’s system cache. If your don’t know how to do this look it up there are plenty of sites and videos that explain this step by step.
    2. Delete your game cache. To do this you need to hold down Left Bumper, Right Bumper and X on your controller at the same time when you first launch the game. You will know if you did this correctly if your game asks you to adjust the brightness before you get to the main menu. It may take a few tries.

    Hope this helps anyone who is still having this problem.

  5. Why does this bug still exist? I can’t pass the damn mission because of it. You’d think it’d have been patched out by now. Guess I’m skipping it 🙁

  6. I found a way how to fix this glitch. Drive to the house but dont enter the car intead kill that tennis coach with your gun.Then retry and again kill him after three times of failing the mission it will show a option skip mission .then skip it

  7. kill the coach 3 times by shooting him and so the mission will also fail 3 times. the third fail will will give you the skip option.

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