Grand Theft Auto [GTA] V – Marriage Counseling Mission Music Theme

Grand Theft Auto [GTA] V – Marriage Counseling Mission Music Theme

Music/Song from Grand Theft Auto [GTA] V/5 Marriage Counseling full extended version mission theme (recorded in game). Non edited-combined.

Artist/Composer: Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, The Alchemist, Oh No & DJ Shadow
Song name: 20. The Agency Heist – Marriage Counseling Mission Music Theme
Album: Volume 2: The Score
Made/Released: 24-25 September 2013

Grand Theft Auto [GTA] V – Soundtrack [OST] Playlist:


Also playing on missions “I Fought The Law…” (1st part), “GTA Today” (Online – first part, other playing on other Online missions) and Wanted (last part).

HD HQ High Quality Franklin Clinton Michael De Santa Ending Chase Amanda police chase

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  1. 0:00 Chasing the coach
    14:14 Pulling the deck
    18:12 Driving home
    22:40 Escaping Madrazo’s men

  2. This reminds me of Archer. Or any James Bond esk things. Just the trumpet stings are soo good

  3. Green light!! Green light!! Martin Madrazo!! Fuck you.
    – Michael De Santa, 2013
    I laughed that part LMAO

  4. im aware its the wrong mission but i loved it when i was chasing the cars down with trevor on police bikes. gave me a police like feeling

  5. The soundtrack from 14:14 – 22:36 is also played in the bureau raid (fire crew). A little different.

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