Gravitas: Bangladesh wants a loan from the IMF

Gravitas: Bangladesh wants a loan from the IMF

After Sri Lanka and Pakistan, Bangladesh has made a request to the IMF for a loan. Is Dhaka dealing with a financial crisis? Palki Sharma brings you an assessment.

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  1. It’s like WION somehow invoked the real anger among the Bangladeshi people for India. But Palki is reporting what is the fact to the peoples of this planet. This video is not about demeaning a country or it’s economy. It’s their choice and it’s their decision whatever they want can do. We as a viewer can only comment . Jay hind and Indian Hindus do love ❤️ Bangladeshi people.

  2. Bangladesh will surely overtake this problem As soon As possible.Bangladesh is a country that always shows magic. Don’t worry every one, Bangladesh know how to solve this problem.

  3. Dear Gravitas, please don’t lose Bangladesh…we only have 10-plus hour power cuts in some rural areas, and that too despite all our power cut management failures. We don’t need a bailout, irrespective of our liking or disliking of the PM and the ruling party, and since you are so good with investigative journalism, please check out how much we owe the IMF or World Bank so far…the call for IMF loan is actually a deterrent and nothing more … now you can report on whatever you desire

  4. Small countries always remain vulnerable. So is Bangladesh. Sri Lanka was also a middle-income country with very good performance on social development indicators and yet see where it is now. The people of SL are conveniently blaming the Rajapakshas – without talking about who elected them to power because he/they reduced the taxes.

  5. Your report is highly exaggerated and negative like most reports. I think you should concentrate more on the Indian mismanagement like the Modi (Delta) varient Covid 19.

  6. I am not an astrologer. But, I have a strong feeling that Bangladesh is going the Srilankan Way…… today or tomorrow. Everything in this world is governed by this UNIVERSAL TRUTH: CAUSE <> EFFECT. ***** the first and foremost FACTOR is the Continuing Ukraine 🇺🇦 CRISIS.. ***** Another important factor is unnecessary, frequent and long visits by government officials and ministers. Take a look! The Speaker is in London. The FM has visited Portugal to open a chancery. The Agriculture minister has been to Europe. The I & B Minister attended a film festival in Paris last month. The Health Minister is just back from a foreign trip. The home Minister is leaving for NY soon……I don’t know which countries have such globe trotting officials in the world emptying the forex ????

  7. Your analysis is objective, dispassionate and factual. Your CONCLUSIVE remark is cautious. In this world there are many people who love living in an Ivory Tower and seeing a ROSY PICTURE of their motherland. I have noticed that almost all Bangladeshis are annoyed by reports projecting Bangladesh going the Srilankan Way. Prejudice is always unhealthy and harmful. Bangladeshis should be sensible and try to take every step in order to avoid the likely crisis…….judging the ground realities. Cut your coat according to your cloth!!!! One point is extremely important: there is a big gap between BOP…. balance of payments…….Highly ambitious, unproductive and unnecessary MEGA PROJECTS will certainly be heavy burdens on its fragile back . The Roop Pur Nuclear Power Plant will cost 1 lack crore + taka………..There is no heavy industry in Bangladesh. Does the country really need so much power now or in future?????

  8. IMF has 6.7 % growth for Bangladesh in 2023 & Moody ranking countries which are risk of becoming srilanka bangladesh is in better possition than Indian .Bangladesh rank 21 & India 22 .So no Bangladesh is not in any kind of dangers but Bangladesh want to keep the Dollar Reserve above 40 Billion

  9. I don’t mean to be grim but THIS IS a chance for eocnomists to study the deep ramifications of intertangling supply chains and ‘over-dependence.’ Also, macroeconomics should incorporate more energy sectors as a driver to the field. That and commodity and commerce.

  10. *Buying China 🇨🇳 garbage products funds the aggression over the contested waters, building man made islands and militarizing it, funding the spread of the virus killing millions of love ones around the world, and threatening other nations with nuclear strike. So don’t be fooled by China’s 🇨🇳 words, because they do the complete opposite. China 🇨🇳 has been flooding every country with drugs. The world should stop making business deals with China 🇨🇳 and should stop relying on China 🇨🇳 Boycott China 🇨🇳 garbage products and China 🇨🇳 businesses outside of China 🇨🇳 in every possible way. Let’s all do our part.*

  11. India needs to buy Russian cheaper oil to protect the Indian customers and other industries.
    This situation is created by the US and all the Asian countries for buying and selling goods with their currencies.

  12. I don’t get it, how come one can compare Bangladesh with India? isn’t that fken hilarious? Just look at the maps, the man power they have before comparing. And talking about the economy it’s on a growth period, so falling is normal. And talking about the world economy itself is lagging, then how do you expect that A Small Country like Bangladesh will survive? Use your brain not your balls!

  13. Lol what this lady said? Bangladesh growing faster than india 😂
    India growth rate 8% and banagdesh growth rate 6.5

    Yeah bangaldesh was performing best then india in lockdown time not now

  14. Oil your own machine tufan k waqt main ai sa na ho jaye padosi ghar ko dekhte dekhte khud ki ghar tufan main ur na jaye

  15. Bangladesh’s import reduced in June
    It was 6.6 billion dollar
    Export was 4.9 billion dollar and remittance received 2.2 billion
    Reserve is in positive growth again
    Thanks to Indian media who are doing Band Baja Barat for Bangladesh economic crisis
    Knock knock India
    Ready for rescission

  16. Very soon those indians who were Gung ho n ass beating abt Bangladesh should be packed along with imf loan to Bangladesh

  17. We were doing so well,what stops us from doing well again?this is a crisis and I’m sure we can overcome it,and I hope Bangladesh makes same or more progress than before.

  18. And also no mention of our international remittance inflow…the tale of our booming economy is about both RMG export and inflow remittances…poor reporting where the broadcast journalist is merely a pretty face

  19. bangladesh: what’s the reason behind our economic crisis
    ISLAM: dil kya kare jab kisi ko kisi se pyaar ho jaaye

  20. India VS Bangladesh .India’s Economy 7 times more ,Forex 14 times more means .Real Comparison would be Bangladesh forex 40 billion vs India 80 billion dollar(for each 400 billion economy) .20 billion for each India’s state .Within next 9 months India’s will have to pay 270 billion dollar debt payment ,that will make India’s Forex 300 billion dollar ,with india’s 25 billion dollar trade deficit currently ,India will lose another 100 billion dollar within next 5 months due to more import than export ,so total 200 billion next year.Bangladesh have avg 2 billion debt payment in that year

  21. Bangladesh should create more solar energy Bangladesh sold there own gas and oil that’s why they are suffering now

  22. Talk about India as well?
    That India is loosing Reserve too?

    Dw Bangladesh won’t collapse and stop tryina be Bias yk

  23. I don’t actually think Bangladesh will ever see situations like Sri Lanka. 1, India will likely help Bangladesh like it did to Sri Lanka and 2, the Bangladeshi government isn’t as corrupted as Sri Lankan so I’d hope the aid go in the right places.

  24. No way! Is inflation an issue in Asia as well? I thought it’s only dumb European countries that don’t accept Putin’s blackmail. Oh my…

  25. India is better to send thousand of border guard along the Bangladeshi border else India will be over run by islamist claiming to be refugees and in no time an Islamic country like Lebanon.
    Good luck all.

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