Growing up with divorced parents be like

Growing up with divorced parents be like

Life gets messy sometimes.

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  1. I did nooooot have that growing up, I didn’t really get brithdays or Christmas with my mom. My dad hated my mom and my mom wasn’t very good with money damn 😒

  2. My parents broke up when I was 2 so all I had to go through was just seeing my dad (who I bearly knew) for 1 hour once a week. I never cared about not living with my dad

  3. bro i know alot of people go through a hard time with this but my mom always told me he went to work while he was trying to move out coimng everyday to get a small amount of clothes then when he was done my mom told abt them not loving eachother anymore at that time i didnt get it so i said okay i started going to both their houses till this day

  4. man divorce is hard for everyone involved luckily i was too young to remember my parents divorce but everything that comes with it is hard

  5. for me, it’s odd like I grew up with both parents but I was raised mainly by my mom but my dad I felt like was gone for a portion of my life and the more I grew older the less i respected him as a man because all though hes a great dad and I love him to death and he had a job my mom was still the one wearing the pants and it was up to my mom and my older brother who had to try and guide me or ig introduce me into what it means to be a man

  6. This almost made me cry cus I am a 11 yrs old boy and I don’t really see my dad a lot. he works in NY and I stay at FL and it’s kinda hard. idk about my mom she changed…Not in a bad way ofc 😅but idk what to think about her rn,she doesn’t have a job so she stays here but she mostly stays in her room, she gives us love and all and I will forever love her and I try to be a father figure to my 8 yrs old brother and my 4 yrs old sister. Life is good rn but I really can’t wait until my dad stays back here again.

  7. I’m a 6th grader and my father is African and lives in Senegal meanwhile my mother is American and lives in Ohio. Cincinnati. They aren’t divorced but honestly it feels like it. I can only see my father during the summers and even that isn’t a guarantee because sometimes family members would do things or money would be tight. I love my dad and all but I remember going onto the airport. And not even knowing what my dad sounds or looks like. Only knowing that he was a part of my birth. Of course I know him now and we talk (rarely) but honestly Dad does sometimes feel like a stranger to me.

  8. when my parents divorced i was like 7 or 8 they got me a happy meal and tould me, my brother cried i did not understand at the time but when i did i was sad cause i fought my mom would never come back. but when i understond i knew i would be able to see her still i was happy. my mom got a litle condo it was really small but me and my brother really liked it we got a ps3 and played litle big planet most mornings and nights it was good. and near that time i my mom showed me my new step dad he is really cool and in a way im kinda happy they divorced cause they are more happy with there new lover when they were together

  9. “And that’s pretty much the only memory I have of my parents looking like they loved each other”
    That hit hard 🙁

  10. I’m watching this thinking of my still married toxic relationship parents and DESPERATELY trying to think of a time I saw them genuinely in love.

  11. I live with a devoiced mum and father but idc my mum is nice and kind my dad probably did drugs his eyes were red all the time

  12. Yo don I didn’t even finish the video before writing this. This reminds me of just how my family was. Parents divorced when I was 5 I went through the crying and angry stages.. I was also jealous of my siblings on my dad side because they had everything and me and my mom was poor even though she worked 2 jobs to feed me. Even though I was a little jealous I always appreciated the fact my dad never left and I used to see him every weekend until I hit 18. Crazy how so many people have different lives but share the same interest.

  13. The same exact thing happened to me and my step dad look exactly like yours but my dad didn’t leave he got busted 👮

  14. my parents were never married but they seperated i rarely hear from my dad now i dont see him irl anymore and when my mother and him actually saw each other they would get into huge fight i have no memories of them actually happy together only pictures of when i was like 1-3 they absolutely hate each other now

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