GTA 5 – Mission #62 – Reuniting the Family [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

GTA 5 – Mission #62 – Reuniting the Family [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

Grand Theft Auto V 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough Guide in HD

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This video shows how to complete all mission objectives on a single play-through, although the 100% completions are cumulative and the Gold Medal can be achieved on multiple play-throughs.

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Mission N. 62 – Reuniting the Family

Characters: Michael

Given by: Michael De Santa / Townley

Gold Medal Objectives:
● Time – Complete within 10:30


Related Achievements Trophies:
● Solid Gold, Baby! – Earn 70 Gold Medals on Missions and Strangers and Freaks.


Game available on: Sony PlayStation 3 & Microsoft Xbox 360
Video recorded on: Xbox 360

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  1. 16:00 If only moderators puts a dead body, cheap women, & Trevor

    They’re trying to check at Rockford Hills Hotel

  2. I feel like his therapy docter ends the session all the time cause he can’t trajectory the heat and all the drama that’s happening

  3. as much as M is a snake, the line “Why dont u suck my cock” is the main reason I didnt choose Option B. Too much savagery.

  4. I love this mission in GTA five because he really misses his family and he it’s a loan and by the way my or you can hang out with Franklin and Trevor wild your family is gone

  5. How dare he calls his dad "a miserable bastard"😡😡😡😡Disrespectful and worst son in the world. 2:54

  6. I like how Amanda was mad Michael cheated with a hooker but she’s slept with every man she interacted with because he cheated once and has blamed him for everything wrong with the family when In fact it’s her fault. Your kids know just about every man you’ve slept with, feels comfortable disrespecting the man paying the bills , drugging him and ect ect because you never taught them respect. Michael needs a better wife .

  7. Michael: How bout.. YOU SUCK MY COCK!
    *Jimmy & Tracy stare awkwardly*
    Michael: Oh! We’ll both get a center before that ever happens.

  8. Michael: “I’ll put you in the ground with the rest of them”

    Michael 30 seconds later: “you coming home with me or what?”

    Amanda: “yeah sure”

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