Gunman Kills Self After Opening Fire on Florida School Board | Nightline | ABC News

Gunman Kills Self After Opening Fire on Florida School Board | Nightline | ABC News

Man opens fire on Florida school board before killing himself.
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A gunman killed himself after opening fire on a Florida school board meeting. He was confronted by two school officials, one who attacked him with her purse, and another, the security chief, who fired his gun at the shooter.

Police said a 56-year-old man disrupted the the Bay District School Board meeting in Panama City, Fla., walked up to the podium, pulled out a can of red spray paint and painted a large letter “V” with a circle around it.

“The shooter approached the front of the board members, spray painted a symbol on the wall and fired an unknown amount of rounds,” said Panama City Police Department spokesman Sgt. Jeff Becker.

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  1. Too bad he wasn’t able to drop the females too, Teachers are trying to incorporate gay into our children, they are disgusting people messing with kids.
    I took my kids out of school system years ago. My kids are all normal males and females who are currently running their own business. Aside of Kristine, who is lead Spokesperson for Disney. She’s choosing to mess with kids and I have disowned her.

  2. School board meetings have been getting weird as hell all over the country for about a decade and some change now. This was inevitable eventually.

  3. This is misleading and thumbs down, the gunman was took down by an officer or someone else with another weapon, he DID NOT Kill himself

  4. This should be a lesson to those who would indoctrinate and corrupt our children with their vile liberal “map” crap. I understand that’s not why he was there exactly but, he was there defending the ones he loves. That is all.

  5. Damn, so many people in that room thinking they were acting in a movie. I don’t know if it was a comedy, a thriller, a drama or a rom-com. But it had everything in 2 minutes.

  6. This is a wake up call since there have been some NUTSO people going to school board meetings and acting literally INSANE

  7. What do you kean no one was shot, the first shot clearly hit the man he was pointing at, he let out a sigh and then a collapsed.

  8. Him Shooting Wasn’t Worth It , Like He Missed Multiple Times🤣Ain’t Going To Lie I thought That Was a Prop Gun Because Ain’t No Way He Was Shooting So Close And Nobody didn’t Get Hurt !

  9. Here’s white people for you. This is what they do. Mess with their money they want to take everyone with them.

  10. We are living in a time of sin, where the murdered doesn’t know why he died and the murderer doesnt know why he killed, injustice is a common practice, ignorants are rulings and the scientists are discredited, the lies are the truth and the truth is presented as lies, thiefs are safe guarding our savings and the honest are in prisons, It is the beginning of the end, prophesies of our prophet mohammed peace be upon him, look for the truth, follow the right path, may allah bless your souls by hidaya

  11. The title of this story: When Social Programing goes wrong…

    Here ya got a school board, if like most of the school boards, far to the left… drunk on social programing young minds turning them into mush…

    Pointing back at them … a product of decades of “ truth is relevant to my reality, gender is fluid, God is mind control, patriotism is racism, Everybody gets a trophy… and America is the land of oppression

    The irony … is beyond words

  12. The dude in the center of the desk it has to be the bravest or the dumbest person I’ve ever met just saying please don’t when someone points gun at you when not be my reaction

  13. “4 Shots,All of them miss” Either this dude is trash and sucked in his gun license training or he literally ordered a gun online without a permit💀

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