Handling Marital Conflicts (1964)

Handling Marital Conflicts (1964)

A film that shows the best (and worst) ways to have an argument. One of a series of social guidance films about marriage and family living. Stars Ron Masak of Murder, She Wrote and the MST3K “hit” Laserblast.

Home economics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQGeOTp1VM4&list=PL5-mCOUnFhXmkbZLMIsTmMDLUrvHCdrx-


  1. For a five minute clip, the Adams couple had great chemistry. They were adorable. And Mr. Caine was a horse’s ass.

  2. Sooo glad we spent the money on Marriage Counselling and took the full 16 sessions instead of being cheap and only taking 8-12.

  3. “So stupid that I’m in charge of my own department” dayyyummmmmmm got em lol😂😂😂. On a real note I also thought this might be sexist but this was some very sound advice that remains ageless.

  4. Maybe if the husband’s employers paid their workers a decent wage, there would be a lot more happy marriages. The employers were greedy even then.

  5. Excellent advice..but what do you do when one half of the couple cannot accept true responsibility for saying vicious, cruel, and hurtful things? Who ends up making his wife cry during every argument, and, though he apologizes when it gets to that point, he still denies any wrongdoing and turns it around on his wife, claiming she’s too ‘weekend’s and, when she tries to explain what he said that hurt her, he denied saying it, accused her of putting words in his mouth, and goes on a half hour rant about how she can never shut up and has to have the last word. (If anyone does have a true and helpful comment, please offer it. It will be appreciated by this wife I speak of, I know her well and I’ve no more ideas or advice for her)

  6. This is good advice. Conflict is inevitable and I like these guidelines for dealing with it when it arises. It makes me feel a little bit less afraid of it.

  7. Low key all I want is enough money to have a place to live and build my family, and a vehicle to get from point A to point B.

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