Have You Gone To Couples Therapy? | Never Have I Ever | Black Love Summit 2020

Have You Gone To Couples Therapy? | Never Have I Ever | Black Love Summit 2020

In this Never Have I Ever segment from the 2020 Black Love Summit, Yvette and Glen Henry ( @BeleafInFatherhood ) explain how going to couple’s therapy has helped their marriage for the better.

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  1. Thank you Glen and Yvette! I love how you guys are willing to consider the other person’s upbringing. I agree with couples therapy.

  2. My husband and I have not had couple counseling but individual counseling. If your partner is asking for it, you should definitely go. I don’t agree with the "if you can’t talk to your partner can’t no therapy help". Naw, that’s a cop out to me.

  3. Kenny sounds like most men. His response was annoying. It’s 2020 why are you still close minded to therapy

  4. Counseling is a necessity!!! Good or bad – it’s just a check up or maintenance like your annual physical. 💕 Premarital counseling is a MUST as well.❣👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  5. Omg I can so relate to Yvette and Glenn. I have to sit with certain things and my husband is a guy who performs for approval.

  6. Yass!! To couples therapy! As a therapist I highly recommend it! Plus, I’ve Been married myself for 24 years now!

  7. A hit dog will holler. Kenny’s wife looks like she has asked for couples therapy before and he declined. 😬

  8. This was good. I don’t think people understand how much of our childhood good and bad we bring to our relationships.

  9. “If you can’t work through it on your own, no one else is going to be able to help you work it out?” No sir! You don’t work out medical issues on your own you go to a doctor. Mental health/therapy is the same. You do not have to work through relationship dynamics by yourself there are professionals can help you and your spouse communicate or relate to each better

  10. Shout out to Glen and Yvette always bringing transparency everywhere they go. I’m a form believer in couples counseling

  11. I think therapy is for example like when you were younger and your mom used to give you advice and because she is mom you like I ain’t listening to her but then comes along somebody else’s mom or family member or friends and says the same thing it’s like all of a sudden the light bulb goes off it’s because of familiarity sometimes you can’t receive or understand what’s being said from someone so close but an outsider can explain things in a different way that makes you better understand .

  12. Therapists teaches you how 2 handle your battles & provide couples w/the tools 2 get through conflicts. A good therapist can actually teach a couple how 2 fight where it stays w/in the safe zone. Opposed 2 cutting each other down verbally where @ times folks lose respect for one another. Cognitive Behavioral therapy is one of the best techniques especially for individual therapy.

  13. Couples counseling is great it has really helped my husband and to learn how to communicate the way other needs to receive information

  14. Come through Yvette and Glen with the transparency and vulnerability!! I love them and their chocolate babies!!!

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