HDMI pulls a USB

HDMI pulls a USB

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0:11 HDMI 2.1 may not be 2.1
1:13 Log4j vulnerability threatens the net
2:22 Toyota locks feature behind subscription
3:14 Build Redux
3:56 Apple helps Android users not get tracked
4:29 Mercedes-Benz beats Tesla
4:47 Sony PS5 covers
5:23 343 won’t fix Halo
6:00 Ligna wood batteries!

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  1. I have a Toyota, It’s bullshit. They obviously don’t mention it when you buy the car… This should be criminal

  2. 4:14
    Because that will never be exploited to annoy people, specially in situations where the owner of the tag can’t do anything about it, like in public transportation, for example, or maybe in a supermarket, where people usually spends more than 10 minutes and you have a lot of people in close proximity.

  3. So – rather than watching a Linus Tech Tips every other year on the latest revisions to HDMI & DP standards I’m going to have to watch the Hardware Unboxed Monitor review for every monitor I’m interested in AND find a channel that does cable reviews, to have a reasonable chance at buying the right cable & monitor.

  4. HDMI sucks anyway, if you are using HDMI on anything other than a TV you are a sad, broken soul in need of dire help. Displayport all the way.

  5. when tech company mix with financial company toyota takes alot of things. thats why these days people like to buy new phone than fix the phone that company make it hard to fix thngs up. anyway

  6. you may ask yourself, what is that beautiful house? you may ask yourself, where does that highway go to? And you may ask yourself, am I right?, am I wrong? AND YOU MAY SAY TO YOURSELF, MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE? 🙃😋😐😬😑😭😱😵🥴🤪🥳🥸

  7. hey Ligna, how the FUCK is cutting down even more trees, you know those automatic carbon capture batteries the planet has been keeping itself habitable for ever with, going to help save said planet?

  8. What the F is up with these stupid naming conventions, if it’s not easy to understand instantaneously and the average users needs a chart to understand the naming convention YOU DID A SHT JOB NAMING

  9. Halo Infinite rocking old school Bungie a la mortar jumping in Tribes. That game was amazeballs. They even had ski jumping down pat. 🤘

  10. Ligna = Lignum or Lignin = wood or an important substance of wood. It’s not so strange, not even Swedish. Rather a name based on Latin. Joking about how something sounds when there is a context to the name makes it much less fun. At least as long as no one can come up with a good joke that combines wood and balls.

  11. Wow … log4j is like the default logging API in java … I’m so going to have to spend this Xmas rewriting a lot of code 👨🏾‍💻… 😢

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