1. I snapped a picture one time of me sitting on my couch and behind me the guy put his ID on his forehead telling me who he was but you guys stole the phone

  2. The dolphin. I was crossing the Atlantic with my 18 year old son on a Cunard ship. We were sitting in the game room working on a puzzle by the window. We were very low in the water and the waves were lapping close to the window. All of a sudden my son saw a school of dolphins accompanying us for a few minutes towards England. We will never forget that trip.

  3. I would buy that it was a women at the back of the girl but didn’t the father know if that’s his wife. Why would he be so curious.. definitely because there was no one when he took the picture.

  4. Nothing can be more despicable , deplorable , hateful and evil than mailing of human babies if at all true . Not only that the most idiotic idea.

  5. Putin sent me a wife named Tia she just walked by me two days ago I was trying to stop her but she had headphones on she just kept walking

  6. The human brain is wired to ignoring constructive logic and will always go to a legend or conspiracy theory with little interest in exploring a feasible conclusion.

  7. He’s a time traveler and J Biden Is a lizard 🦎 !!! I know it. My dog told me. I’m not crazy I just like tinfoil

  8. Gulf of Solway ???? No such place 😅😅 it’s the Solway Firth
    Firth doesn’t mean Gulf it’s Scottish for Estuary

  9. Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo.
    250 sentadillas son uno *KISSSS.Uno*
    muchas y un buen ejercicio.
    5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍

    Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖
    los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer…

  10. The armor could be an art piece. A bored blacksmith. A few drunk bros intentionally fucking with the people of the future….. we could be those people. I liked it though. I would invite conflict wherever I went.

  11. With a little boy sitting on the ground playing as the mother was sitting there setting up the garage sale right on the corner and mechanic Street and oak

  12. Yesss.. Sometimes life unpredictable.. Surprised and surprising.. And this woman pregnant maybe lucky in this day.. 😁

  13. When I am older I want to have a large family and my name means hard working and fertile!Like what are the odds

  14. WELL DONE "WORLD REVEALED" All of the things that show up in a picture….that didn’t seem to matter when you posed for the camera, years ago
    Are showing up now , even more than the features of the face you tried to show,

    "Pictures Old and Faded"
    LyndaFayeSmusic at You Tube & Bandcamp

  15. The man in the tee shirt can be explained easily. It appears to be a capital “M” for Michigan University. Makes sense because they made shirt like this in the 1940s. Michigan is also close to Canada.

  16. "My uncle travels to this penitentiary, then travels to that penitentiary, of course to finish his time. So my uncle somewhat a time traveler"🤷🏾‍♂️

  17. The so called time traveler in Canada is just an eccentric looking dude back then that did his own thing when it came to fashion. Nothing more than that.

  18. Unless he is from Canada and it means something but the clothes they used to discredit it, didn’t match the stitching the letter on the chest and material it was mad of

  19. 1. Rock formations +light @ just the right angle. 2. A NYer w/sunglasses which were commonly used by the blind on East Coast or soldiers who lost an eye & he has a leather wallet filmed at an angle to look like a camera due to the "watch" on it. 3. Person. 4. Hugo had a screw loose. 5. Parental child abuse by mail. (Explains why the WWII guys were so tough as adults: they survived their "Battle of Mail bulgeS childhoods.) 6. Looks like the inspiration for the movie Hellraiser. That’s pure Caucasian weirdness, right there. 7. Dolphin & baby both doing Delta waves + camera.

  20. I thought on the first pic the thing that was odd was her socks because they blend in with the grass I guess not the right thing 🤔 😅

  21. The photo of the pregnant wife as described in thumbnail is right at the end 10 mins into video.

  22. When grace is at work. So many things give way. What so many people have use to mock me. God have turn it to a testimony in my life.Thank God Almighty who use Herb doctor itepu on YouTube to cure me from HERPES virus with his herbs medication

  23. If a child sent through the mail was. naughty and a brat, could you .ark "return to sender"? 🤔

  24. To those who came here intrigued by the thumbnail, basically the woman in the pic and her husband were taking maternity pics when a dolphin came up in a spectacular fashion, photo-bombing quite fabulously…

  25. The figure in the white lab suit with a visor is on at least one other photo that was doing the round on the web a while ago. Maybe someone at the developing lab was having a chuckle.

  26. Ditch the annoying computer voice. Will never watch or subscribe until you get a human being as a narrator.

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