1. Likely to mislead, probably for domestic consumption to stave off jealousy, or to mislead the Ukrainians. Sure they probably aren’t rolling in excess, just wouldn’t make plans on anything they say out in the open. Just throw it in the pot with everything else, heat and stir before throwing it at the wall to see what ya got.

  2. Can anything be taken at "face value" anymore? This is probably Russian propaganda to make Ukraine believe that they have no ammunition and competent troops. The spring offensive will prove if Ukraine has what it takes to win. I fear that this is still the first quarter. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  3. What’s really funny and don’t laugh at it is the fact Ukraine hasn’t did one single counter attack launching missiles into Russia soil hitting Saint Petersburg or Moscow or stallingrad to show them how it feels to attac Savillliams….

  4. Already said the Muslim Russian high officers in Russia defense will betray wagner, just like previous Russian armys invasion

  5. Russian missile launch Photo: note that this is from a residential area, where Russians whine and cry about a threat to Russian civilians (Do they store their nukes under kindergartens?)

  6. Take note of the burgeoning mantra: "WAAAAAHHH! (snif)"; This is little more than Prigozhin CYA, for his incompetence, before his loyalists.
    Putin fails, Putin blames Prigozhin… Prigozhin fails, Prigozhin blames Moscow (after all, he HAS to blame someone for the failures of this fiasco.. lest his loyalists turn on him)
    After centuries of botched attempts, This is how to Make Russia Great Again ("Again"??) "…as wave upon wave of demented Russians march gleefully out of obscurity…)

  7. Has Putin cut him off? Or are the Russian powers beginning to cut off Putin? Or they’re running out of ammo stocks and having to rely on air assaults. The latter would be yet another good reason to push F-16s into Ukraine. It would give them the ability to take out Russian ships. 2 or 3 of those hitting the bottom would make Russian powers including Putin thing again about pulling out or risk completely rendering their defenses near useless.

  8. …….meanwhile back in the kremlin….Putin , who was cleverly disguised as a door ..got his knob shot off…

  9. The US needs pump it’s brakes though,If he’s talking about International crimes the US should be the last to point fingers

  10. If putin cut off for you. You must surrender to Ukraine. Then, he asks appoluzise to Ukraine and join Ukraine.

  11. No it puts Elon musk and all his sweet cash in perspective he has more then the top 50 Russian billionaires well done sir hook your boy up

  12. 250K Ukrainian soldiers killed. Lifespan of a Ukrainian front line soldier 4 hours. CNN should promote peace.

  13. @1:14 – That’s as much an active artillery unit as my arse! These well-scrubbed and laundered people have clearly never seen combat, and the hands of the woman 2nd from the right has never fired anything more than a subordinate!

  14. It’s time to hit Russia back the people of Russia need to know there in a war there is no red line if you attack another country you should be prepared for the retaliation

  15. Russia should end this war with a single or a couple of missiles(only use the Air force). and keep their weapons and the forces for the world war III

  16. Western politicians are manipulating the Ukrainian president out of lust for power. No matter how many sanctions are imposed against Russia, China always behind seen . What is happening now is not what the West expected. Russia, China, India and Iran already join forces and started a currency unit. soon US dollar will collapse. Poor Ukrainian people are suffering from this war because of stupid decision zelensky are made believing western and Americans.

  17. That’s okay one day soon they will have a lot of time to talk about it in prison awaiting their Justice.

  18. When oligarchs on both sides have multi-billion-dollars, UBI just looks like common sense. (UBI = "Unconditional Basic Income". It’s simply a floor under capitalism below which no one can fall).

  19. Remember when Biden told us the sanctions and unity would deter russia. Guess that one didn’t work out, eh

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