Heat vs Bucks HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA Playoff Game 2

Heat vs Bucks HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA Playoff Game 2

Check out Heat vs Bucks HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA Playoff Game 2

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In today’s NBA playoff game the Miami Heat beat the Milwaukee Bucks in the second game of the 2020 NFL Eastern semifinals 116-114 and now Heat leads the series 2-0

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  1. Il y a faute de Dragic sur Middleton mais il n y a pas faute sur Buttler..arbitrage de merde c’est horrible

  2. The heat looks a team the way they play and the way they interact they look like good buddies playin hard.

  3. Butler a savage!! Look at him looking straight at the camera as he’s backing down another player…lol

  4. Imagine if Kawhi said no sooner to the Lakers…Jimmy buckets would have teamed up with LBJ and AD. They’ll finally have someone with the killer instinct.

  5. This game Was better than the finals ……buttler had to have balls ….to take those two shots….the miami 💕 heat are on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. After the boycott bullshit, I want the Bucks to lose and Giannis to leave. I’m done supporting that weak ass organisation.

  7. This situation you will know hows the great team,
    Because no home court advantage..
    But heat is best team for me💓

  8. Hmm maybe Coach Spoelstra like how some of the comments are doing a great job. I wouldn’t have thought Bucks would be down 0-2 against a sub-level Miami heat.
    Definitely have to be great coaching too

  9. Nice game miami heat..congrats! Good depense miami heat..good effort..nice hard work miami heat..I really like your super hard great depense miami heat.. miami heat, nice fucusing every your game..good and nice team work miami heat..

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  11. I didn’t see the full match but according to this video, I feel Miami is a great team because they point with team play and Milwaukee need change couche to win the playoff.

  12. It’s as if this series is being officiated by D-League refs. Horrendous calls on both teams, excessive flopping, ticky-tack calls away from the ball. The Defensive POY has been in early foul trouble in both games because of that. These are PLAYOFF GAMES, so let them play.

  13. Giannis, you have to share some slaps to some players who cover you, believe me, then they will play basketball with you, not handball.

  14. Really foul Gianni’s made the foul in the end? How many matches are left? Do we have any chance as Milwaukee team fans? Paul from Athens Greece.ty

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