1. 1:24
    Be like:
    The teacher:really- you pick my math class out of all classes to confess your feelings to “SuBrInA”
    The students:why- just why-

  2. Disclaimer: It is fake because these people are from the yt channel called ‘loveliveserve’ and they make joke and prank videos

  3. I didn’t like my step dad but now that my mom and him broke up I kinda feel bad that he visits sometimes to see the baby 😞

  4. One time I was on a friend zoom and they heard my mom and my brother arguing and they thought it was my mom and dad and after the zoom my friend texted me all like “Uhh yo parents getting a divorce” and I was like “Ah yes my brother and mother are married”

  5. I was trying to listen to them fighting and I completely ignored that they were talking about my home state.

  6. Other teachers would be like oh it’s ok mute your mic but this teacher is just like oh no it fine focus on reading he just tryna listen to the fight

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