Hitchhiker's Guide To Divorce – Divorcing in Korea As Expats

Hitchhiker's Guide To Divorce – Divorcing in Korea As Expats

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Hi, my name is Jiwon Lee, and I’m a Criminal Defense Attorney from Korea.

Korean Law A-Z is a series for foreigners who are living in Korea and also for anyone who is interested in Korean Law. In each episode, we will be introducing the basic information about Korean Law so that if you ever get involved in any legal issue, you know what action to take.

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  1. Hello
    Long story short. My marriage is really at war. I just arrived in Korea a week ago after getting marriage visa grant but few days ago me and my husband argued and he broke my phone so I had to get new phone yesterday morning but when I was away he changed our door password so I had to call the police to help because he didn’t wanna open the door for me to park my stuff since he said he doesn’t wanna live with me anymore.

    Is there anyway I can make ID without his permission because I just arrived a week ago

  2. Hey Hello sir I’m currently married in korea since 2018 but me and my wife don’t have a baby I’m foreign my Visa is F6.1 only one year extension but I like to change is f5 permanent residency but my is very bad is possible to another way to change status to f5 without speaking good Korean languages

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