How a default judgment is entered

How a default judgment is entered

It is believed that Judges make rulings and orders, which they do, but most people do not realize that the attorneys prepare the documents and submit those for the Judge to implement or make those orders and rulings binding. That includes orders on a judgment by default. This video describes the process and what is involved to take a judgment by default.

 If a default judgment is entered against you:

what happens after a judgment is entered

 How a bankruptcy impacts a judgment

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  1. I’m currently on probation with getting this default judgement be a violation of it?

    So as soon as I got served I contacted the creditor and I set up a payment arrangement not knowing that they would be still putting a default judgment against me I thought I was doing the right thing at the right time. But I would like to reverse that if I can and turn in my papers and show up to court that day so that I don’t have a default judgment. I was just trying to get it out-of-the-way and pay what I could. Not realizing that I messed up and answering but that’s what I wanted. Of course they were just trying to get money out of me as soon as they could. This is my first time ever dealing with anything like this

  2. My lawyer sent the questions to the defendant and they didn’t answer..
    Now my lawyer sent to the court Plaintiff’s motion to compel discovery….can you explain me this…and what is the next step in my case… I’m suing, but my lawyer really has bad communication with me… really I don’t know why I picked the wrong people to do the Job

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  4. I was wondering if I receive a judgment that I wanted to collect on but I just realized that the judgement isn’t entered in his legal name? (Bob instead of Robert.) Can I enter the name he goes by and his legal name on the forms when filing with the county? Is their somewhere I can add it and have the judgement recognized by his legal name? Thanks in advance. I can’t really afford to hire an attorney but I’m willing to put in the time.

  5. It’s more than a month my lawyer sent the default judgment to the courthouse. "The defendant didn’t answer the questions" in the 30 days that the judge gave him to answer. What’s the next step in this process ?….. I’m in Broward Florida

  6. Trolls are invading your channel, Its so pathetic realy, they cant think for themself instead blindly belive everything this stupid streamer says.

  7. I was served at my home for a lawsuit at my home and I then went to the courthouse to answer them. I filed the answer with a fee waiver: however, even though I had no income because of my contract work the court denied the waiver. It was then some 4 months before I had recived in the mail from the plaintiff an Application for Summery Judgement, I then went back to the court and filed the fee waiver a second time and this time was granted while I was standing there with the clerk. I then filed two motions. The first was to Notice of Motion to Compel Set Aside the judgement and Default and Quash Any Writ of Possession and was given a date for me to appear at a later date and the other Motion to Compel was for Arbitration. This is a clause in the contract and when I had asked the plaintiff about that they just got quite and would not say anything or reply, so I filed that motion and was given a date much later to appear for it. So my question would be " Being that the Court gave me those dates and nothing of mine as of this day has been siezed, or gasrnished am I still in good position for the later date for Arbitration with the court with the situation as it is now ? ".

  8. I understand the process after watching many of your videos. Thank you.
    I filed a complaint against the U$ gub’ment, waited the required 60 days then moved for Default under 55(d). The U$ 4ttorney immediately emailed me asking if I would voluntarily withdraw the Motion For Default Entry, else he would file Ex Parte, a Motion to Vacate. I did not withdraw.
    The judge’s local rule concerning ex parte motions requires the U$ 4ttorney to email the motion to opposing counsel (me) immediately, and upon receipt, I would have two court days to answer.
    The U$ 4ttorney did not copy me in the motion, two days later the judge vacated the default entry unopposed.
    Today I filed (within 10 days of the order to vacate) an Opposition to the Vacate Order citing both the judges local rule whereby I was excluded from service of the Motion to Vacate so was unable to respond within two court days; and citing also that in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California General Order 550 amends FRCP Rule 4 et al. to confirm that all registered users of PACER agree to accept service when the Clerk of the Court enters a document into the system.
    Did the U$ 4ttorney lie to the judge so the judge would vacate the Entry of Default? This would seem improper and unethical, nes pas?
    Can the Vacated Entry of Default be restored if the U$ 4ttorney ignored the judges local rules. After all, I was not given fair opportunity to present a counter arguement under the rules. Procedural due process question, I believe.

  9. Hello I had a bit of a different question I wanna default judgment in the paper which is an affidavit and request for default judgment is a little confusing saying pretty much they have to answer within 15 days of the date of the fall defendant was served personally or notoriously on, that’s the date and proof of service was filed with Magistrate court on the date again. Do you know if they’re speaking of the day he was served at first or do I need to have him served again after the default was granted in court

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  11. I was served an expired summons during Covid19 lockdown. The court is still closed, I’ve left messages with no call back. Now I’m sent a default request twice with the plaintiff lawyer has stamped as my lawyer. It looks fake

  12. thank u I got so scared because my landlord is suing me and evicting me and my 3 minor kids,,I did my response but 1 week later I got a request for entry of default along with UD-150 request 2 set trial,,,,I can’t afford a lawyer being a single mom,,,,any advise on that?

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