How A Stay-At-Home Mom Overcame Poverty After Divorce: 'Always Bave A Backup Plan' | TODAY

How A Stay-At-Home Mom Overcame Poverty After Divorce: 'Always Bave A Backup Plan' | TODAY

“After 13 years of marriage, four kids, a house in the suburbs, my husband left. My world just changed literally overnight.” Mom Jennifer Ball explains how she and her kids survived.
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How A Stay-At-Home Mom Overcame Poverty After Divorce: ‘Always Bave A Backup Plan’ | TODAY


  1. Confused…how did she end up creating a job? All they mentioned was an extremely part time job at the kids school…not enough to aupport anyone!

  2. Imagine how a man would feel if he was the stay at home father, having to pay child support and no spousal support on top of having no income. At least she doesn’t have to pay anything.

  3. Ugh going through the same things. Its so much tougher on a women when she gets a divorce. Men have the option of moving on. Women have to work and raise the children while getting little or no child support. Women shoukd not get married, now a days its not needed since we have some rights out in the world.

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  5. First of all before saying anything just stand up for this woman from your seats because she faced troubles because she was a mom of 4 kids after leaving her husband as to become just a mom is nature’s toughest and painful process through which she has to pass and then to raise kids is another big duty which naturally she do’s without any pain this is what Mom is……..Poverty is nothing if you want you can rule this world and you ruled our hearts…….God bless you and we love and respect you a lot….

  6. Society needs to change their views on the stay at home parent and stop blaming them. Child care is so expensive in America. If two parents worked most of one paycheck is towards paying the sitter, now imagine a single parent working. Finding balance between paying the bills and the sitter at times their whole paycheck is gone in a day. I have been a single working parent, I have been a stay at home mom both have challenges. Currently my husband works and I stay home with the children. Which works perfectly for our needs because due to covid-19 my daughter is virtually doing school. Also you have to be careful about who to watch your children. Even the certificated care givers can be pedophiles. And granted there are some awesome sitters who are loving and great to kids. America is very different now then back then.

  7. Her story is unique and the ultimate betrayal..she is a blogger and writes for many platforms about her ..Her hyena of a husband was having affair with his secreatary behind her back..He promised to work on the marriage if she got herself sterilized which she did to keep him ..but as soon as she did it he left her and children to make a life with the secreatary and have children with her..He claimed tax benefit on all children even though he refused custody of the children to avoid overwhelming his new partner..He then transferred the children’s insurance to his new wife..and claimed poverty even tbough he was CFO of the company..and stopped giving any child support using this loophole all the while buying new car and building swimming pool..This is the time she is talking of..The father simply abandonded his children till now has not much relationship with them..Had this exhusband had been forced to help out with children 50%he wouldnt become the CFO..and the secreatary wouldnt have noticed him..This is the story of most woman,child suport simply is stopped within one or the other loopjoles

  8. Ladies, Never Ever EEEEEeever be Completely Financially Dependent on anyone but yourself.
    Ppl change in marriages, and will divorce you. Always be able to somehow provide for yourself. No one will have your back like you.

  9. actually who owns the house and who is paying for these paycheak.Wife are some kind of rental property ?? Men are forced to pay and give them his property after divorce it’ totally sucks .Ok she deserves child support money.But it’s sucks hard working men should end up in street after the divorce law is only for women they get half men property and money and child support and house ,children etc .. what men get loss half of his all,losing Job end up in streets no one to take care.

  10. Thanks for the empowerment messages. I’m going thu the same with 3 kids. God Blessed you and your family.

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