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  1. bro f youre complete vaccinated and ask the army for support it could be no problem to visit germany.

  2. please react this about Indonesian talent and beauty on the islands of Indonesia
    1. Tersimpan di Hati – Eka gustiwana (ft Prince Husein & Sara Fajira) official music (story about java island, Indonesia)

    2.the beauty of bali – Alffy Rev (story about bali island, indonesia)

    3. USIK – Feby Putri mv (story about sulawesi island, Indonesia)

    4. Star And Rabbit – Man Upon The Hill (story about Sumba island, indonesia)

    5. Rich Brian – Kids (story about Jakarta city, capital city of indonesia)

    6.Damainya Indonesia – Fahmy Arsyad Said ft. Okky Kumala Sari (story about Sumatra Island, indonesia)

    7. Song of Sabdatama – Kill the TV (The story is about Yogyakarta Kingdom, a special area in Indonesia and one of the kingdoms that still stands in Indonesia)

    8.ORANGHUTAN SQUAD – MEUSYEUHU (story about ACEH, a Very special area in indonesia)

    9. Mr.Headbox – Until I’m Crushed, this link (Owner has taken down the youtube but the video is still there, story about Borneo island)

    10.Epic Medley Of Indonesian Cultures by Alffy Rev

  3. My parents got divorced when I was 3 years old so in 1998, my father was against getting a divorce because it would hurt his ego but my mother was getting one anyways, the law that both parents receive equal custody of children having been passed only a little bit prior to that the courts were really strict at that time and only taking custody away in super extreme cases with undeniable proof of one of the partners being a threat towards the children’s well-being, fun fact my father lost custody anyways cause man is a psycho and only could see us under supervision because my mother insisted that he see us (cause her parents were divorced too and she wanted us to have a father). He never paid his child support until I was 16 and got a lawyer myself, until then we got child support from cps (Jugendamt). Obviously he had to pay that back to cps, until he remarried and had another child because then the new child takes priority. Since my mother never filed for alimony she never got or wanted any so that’s all I know about it.

  4. the brutal thing often is, that it seems the laws often hit the wrong side.

    your instagram model story makes sense and plays with some sort of primordial fear in men but often enough women with kids get cucked when it comes to righteous decissions. for the greater good of protecting their kid(s) they often agree on things they shouldn’t financially. It’s sadly enough mostly the agressive side that gets the better end of the stick and at the end it feels like ruthlesness gets rewarded.

    imo everyone loses in a situation like that just make sure to keep that shit away from your children..

  5. Some tipps for vacation in Germany:

    Use deutsche Bahn (DB) to travel to the citys ,when you dont have a car(there is an app DB Navigator which helps you alot and you can get Information at DB stores.)
    2.Visit the Nature of bavaria for example Königssee,Schwarzwald,Eistobel,Bodensee (and the city Lindau )
    3. Düsseldorf,Leipzig,Dresden,München,Hamburg,Frankfurt,Berlin are the best citys to visit in my opinion
    4.go to german theme parks like phantasialand or europapark
    5.visit an german island to experience the ocean
    6.visit big citys at the german border for example Salzburg,Straßburg,Rotterdam,Zürich
    7.dont forget Rothenburg ob der Tauber

  6. Meine Eltern lassen sich gerade scheiden. Seit 2 Jahren. Und mein Vater zahlt keinen Unterhalt. Und er versucht uns alles wegzunehmen. Ich sag mal so: Er wurde von meinem Vater zu der Person, die ich mit meinem Leben hasse.

  7. Ich habe gerade nochmal deinen letzten Vlog auf Deutsch geschaut. Als du in Uniform warst, habe ich vier Streifen gesehen. Als ich das letzte mal bei Militär war ist schon was her. Heisst das SSgt?

  8. My husband and I had 1 lawyer! There you can safe a lot but you have to have a good understanding with your partner! We have no children! Immer schön lieb sein😉✌🏻

  9. Exactly those discriminatory laws against mostly men need to change.
    I will probably force a marriage settlement between me and my future husband.😅

  10. Meine Eltern haben sich vor 1 Jahr getrennt,und ab und zu geh ich zu mein Vater,und wenn ich zu ihn gehe sprechen sie das erstmal über Telefon ab,aber ich muss trotzdem obwohl sie sich geschieden haben ihr streiten ertragen,was ich echt scheiße finde,mein großer Bruder hat 2 Mal wegen des streiten,die Polizei gerufen was natürlich dumm ist,aber dieses schrein macht einen kleinen jungen echt Angst.

  11. Bro I celebrate your videos very much, love from Germany. You have to watch a stream video from one of the biggest Youtube that is completely freaking out because the politics are so wrong. Regardless of whether you react to it or take a look at it in person, it will definitely be worth it. The video starts at 30 minutes and at about 1 hour 5 minutes it snaps out. His Name is Ungespielt an the Video is from this Day, i cant post His link because the YT Rules.

  12. I’ve been alone for some years now, I lost my boyfriend in a car accident. I haven’t been with anyone since I lost my late boyfriend, I can’t stand being alone anymore, I want to meet a serious man to spend the rest of my life together with.

  13. My boyfriends parents divorced when he still was in preschool. To keep the parental authority to herself the mother settled down in another country and sued her ex husband for physical abuse against her and her child which had never taken place. Her husband lost his job in the process and he nearly went totally broke until the case was dropped due to lack of evidence. Still, his mother had taken his father the chance to see his own child grow up for 2 years. The mom never recieved any fine for her false statement which in my eyes is ridiculous, since even today she’s proud of her actions.

  14. Preventing hassle at a potential divorce is actually really easy (in the US): Just have both parties sign a "prenuptial agreement" or simply "prenup".

    I’m not saying it isn’t awkward to ask your future spouse to sign one; planning for divorce right when you’re getting married must be weird.

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