How can a husband negotiate a lower settlement amount during alimony discussions

How can a husband negotiate a lower settlement amount during alimony discussions

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  1. What kind of civil and criminal remedies husband can file against wife and her relatives? anyone pls elaborate?

  2. After listening to you it’s sounds like a legal extortion, it’s like a new form of dowry harrasment but this time this thing happening by the female and female family .

    I think nothing is bigger than money, neither for males ( when they take dowry) and neither for females ( when they file false complaint for increasing alimony or maintenance).

  3. What to do if the accused in a rightly framed sexual assault case is framing the victim negatively following these practices n pressurizing so that they ensure the victim does not give statement against them? What r the options available to the victim if the network of the accused is very strong and causing endless harassment to the victim ?

  4. Once you know there is problem in your married life & you know you are right ,start recording all conversations, that’s the only leverage

  5. One of my friend who applied for Divorce but his application was rejected by the court. He then died due to Cancer and now after his death, his mother aged 76 is being harassed by his wife for Alimony.

    How can we defend from his mother’s side for rejecting the alimony?

  6. Indian men must join MGTOW movement and stay single. Serve the country, help stabilize population growth and teach unscrupulous women a lesson. Let otherside fall in line.

  7. I have a query.ek akeli mahila keya car maintenance based office e raat main (night shift) karna mandatory hai… Aur keya iske khilaf koyi law majut hai.

  8. This channel is pure gold. I often find myself clicking on the like button even before the video starts off.

  9. What to do if a Husband does not want to pay alimony? One of my friends wife used him for a child. She was unable to conceive and he spend lakhs of rupees for treatment. Fast forward to today, she does not want to live with him and has also taken away he child. hat he should do?

  10. You didn’t tell what is exactly civil or criminal damages? I mean what husband can file case for damages

  11. Sir what if husband files civil and criminal cases and proved all these cases by producing evidences ?. Will she be jailed ?.

  12. If I get caught for something, should I demand a lawyer before they take me to the station? My second question is, do I need to know this lawyer in person to call him before I even get into this situation.

  13. Pre nup will be complete useless in india till wife has the power to file criminal complaint and police making arrests.

  14. So is it basically intimidating wife and her family in order to reduce the alimony amount in a less obvious way ?

  15. Best stay single , focus on career and drive exotic cars later . Who needs wife when you have this .
    On a serious note , see relationships are done both ways and if you’re not feeling well about that , talk with each other not others . Remember mostly all others want to harm your if broking relationship by ear gossips and agression , just seek help from professionals jointly as a couple . If you think there’s no hope , do a mutual settlement . I am telling all these cause once you go to court i have witnessed a worthless argument can rise to such a high it will destroy your whole marriage by the lawyers .

  16. Men should better stay away from marriage. Men are just money minting machine to women and judiciary.

  17. I’ve a question – The husband dosent need to give Alimony to wives incase they dont have kids. Right?

    2. Incase if the wife was restricted from going to work after shaadi, can this be a reason to get alimony till she finds and settled financially?

  18. If a person accept what he got in his life he will be happy either he got unemployed father, no prior property, bad wife, criminal background, believe in yourself every thing will be settled down.

  19. So basically, initially families talk, then husband & wife talk to each other then at each other. Then their lawyers talk, then money-negotiations take place and finally a settlement. Then each go their own way. Acquisition, Merger, Strike, Conciliation & then finally Dissolution !! Damn, This ain’t marriage, this sounds so much like Business!!

  20. Hello sir..
    Could you please make one video on intercaste marriage consequence and how to safely marry my girl without any violence๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
    We both love each other more than anything in this world . But because of caste we daily cry for not being able to marry in future..
    Please give us solution

  21. When will India have actual gender neutral laws. All these laws are made for women only and they are misusing it๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข

  22. Please share judgment copies of cases where you have resolved matters. Otherwise, it’s hard to trust anyone on Internet these days esp when you are also a practising advocate and can make a huge gain out of your claims.

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