1. Going through this seems like such a nightmare. I appreciate you explaining that it doesn’t have to be! Thank you, sir!

  2. What if the inmate is requesting the divorce and doesn’t have a known address on the other party?

  3. I got a question.
    ok, back in 2000 both my husband and I went to jail, he got out like 10 months later I was still in county. less than 1 month after his release (he never came to visit after that) he went back on drugs. fast forward, I go to prison 5 months later still no word from him. year and half later I was released on parole. before Katrina hit like a month before, he shows up at my work. it’s been 4 years since I had seen or heard from him. we spoke and both agreed on a divorce but he wanted to take me out to dinner one last time but I refused cause my family would of disowned me if they found out I did. he didn’t like that too much and started a fight I didn’t go forward with the paperwork then. 5 years later I try again this time he is mad I didn’t renew the mortgage with him because I wanted my name off of it. I signed a quit claim deed while I was in county to avoid the bank coming after me for payment. I knew he couldn’t pay the mortgage and he ultimately lost the house and land. I paid all of my half of the debt we aquired together. just my half way. now it’s been over 20 years since we have been together. he now faces 5 drug charges within 1500 ft of school/church and he is a convicted felon armed robbery. I have had no further run ins with the law since my parole release in 2004.
    would this be irreconcilable or abandonment?

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