How can players recover from massive losses? 😬 'The days after are AWFUL' – Don | ESPN F

How can players recover from massive losses? 😬 'The days after are AWFUL' – Don | ESPN F

ESPN FC’s Dan Thomas looks at Mario Melchiot, Don Hutchison, Shaka Hislop and Steve Nicol’s worst losses of their careers and asks what the road to recovery looks like for players coming off a big loss following Manchester United’s historic 7-0 defeat to Liverpool on Sunday.

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  1. i watched those Man united goals vs Sheffield Wednesday. The first 2 were pretty bad, but no keeper is saving the 3rd or 4th. I guess the 3rd one was kinda right at him, but it was a bullet header from the middle of the 6 yd box

  2. Asking about Chelsea in 2009/10 season with Carlo Ancelotti, they were the most Premier League brutal winning team. In addition to 8-0 win over Wigan on the last game, they also notable for scoring 7 GOALS. Unlike Liverpool after destroying Manchester United, they did this three times: a 7-2 win vs Sunderland, a 7-1 win vs Aston Villa, and 7-0 win vs Stoke City. Because of those four results with big wins, Chelsea broke the records for most goals scored (103) and also goal differences (71).
    Also, before this historic game at Anfield, Liverpool had won by 7-0 before. They destroyed the likes of Birmingham City, Crystal Palace, and even Spartak Moscow.

  3. Well with all due respect the teams on that list there are teams that are not expected to challenge for the title are they so it’s possibly more expected them teams took some heavy defeats really 🤣 don’t get me wrong it does happen to all clubs at some point if you go through the history books tho really 🤣

  4. Watching Don during Shaka explaining why he didn’t care about the results the season they played together for West Ham and suffered back-to-back losses, 5-0 and 7-1….

  5. The CR7 – 0 humbling effect topic & history will ne talked about for years & years. Real bozo muppet club ever, deserved to lose 😆😆

  6. It’s funny with media these days, no one is happy when United win or lose, it’s like the end of the world, take a chill pill people, United are in the progress and transition, anything can happen.

  7. I understand a club in the bottom half of the table to lose like, it would be kinda expected and won’t be such a surprise, but the in-form and resurrected Man United to be trashed all of sudden 7-0 it’s just a complete disaster for the players confidence. For Liverpool this win is absolute boost for their confidence, momentum and believe for top 4.

  8. Look at stadiums. Arsenal win in it with that strike with table as it is. You can see who had the most fun at the end.

  9. *8:31:46** Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how much time and work she placed into the vids?*
    *It is fabulous, and I think they justify much more than that*

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