How Divorce Can Impact Development | Child Development

How Divorce Can Impact Development | Child Development

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Divorce can have a great impact on a child’s development. Divorce can be very difficult on a child who’s used to their routine, who is used to two parents being at home all the time to now being in a split situation or being kind of moved from one home to another and then being able to co-parent it presents its own challenges as an adult.

Divorce could also present some emotional difficulties for the child. They could feel that maybe they’ve done something wrong. They could feel a little bit insecure or unsure or what’s going on. And feel a little inadequate. That’s kind of natural.

The important thing to do is anytime there’s any kind of life changing event a child will feel that. A child feels everything. They can sense the energy from the adults in the room. They can sense the energy from the animals in the room. They’re very, very perceptive.

What’s really important is to provide them with an outlet. Provide them with counseling by a licensed psychologist who can work with the child on how they’re feeling as well as perhaps family therapy. This of course should be discussed with your child’s pediatrician and with licensed clinicians to better point you in the right direction.

It’s also important that anytime a child is going through a difficult time such as a divorce to provide opportunities of fun and play and to make things as happy as you can. So to take them on a trip, take them on an adventure, to talk to them, to make them feel loved and warm is also great. Remember to continue to support your child and their emotional well-being and to seek professional assistance in providing that emotional support for your child when there’s a life changing event such as a divorce.


  1. This is too much to handle. My dad cheated on my mom and they are going through a divorce argument. 😭
    Now I can’t trust anyone anymore.

  2. Divorce needs to be banned when children are involved, I hate my daughter being raised by another man and I do plan on eliminating him one day it’s just a matter of time! My divorce was a no fault divorce for no reason I haven’t seen my child in three years and if I don’t get my parenting time even if she is 18 starting over in k-12 she will have no future in this world!

  3. They divorced when I was 4. the worst part was split custody after my awesome Dad remarried with a woman I didn’t like. and when I couldn’t relate to my nuclear family peers and mentors because I was moving all the time.

  4. This is too much to handle. My dad cheated on my mom and they are going through a divorce argument. 😭
    Now I can’t trust anyone anymore.

  5. hello for My personal project I am compiling a book of children who have gone through a divorce and ways it has affected them also mentioning ways they have coped up with a divorce. Hence I need interviews from divorced parents or children and even physocologists who are willing to give a hand by interviewing. Kindly please co-oporate as this is for a better cause. Please reply to this comment if willing to help

    Thank you

    Simran Patel

  6. I am so sad rn my parents divorced last month and my mom already has a boyfriend and she always gets drunk and I am always crying because I wanna spend time with my mom but she is always with her friends

  7. Hi my parents having a divorce along time ago and it’s just really rough for me and I’m sad what do I do about that

  8. You know what the worst part is in a divorce? You love both of you parents alot and when they get a divorce you have to choose a parent to go with. That parent might even move far away once you go with them which prevents you from seeing your other parent. Man life sucks, doesn’t it. My parents are probably gonna get a divorce this year.

  9. Luckily there is Xanax. Saved my life , now I just live on Xanax and don’t really think about switching houses every week.

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