How Divorce Changes a Man | Moving on After Divorce | Life After Divorce for Men

How Divorce Changes a Man | Moving on After Divorce | Life After Divorce for Men

How Divorce Changes a Man | Moving on After Divorce | Life After Divorce for Men ” How to move on from a relationship takes a different view of the past 2 years as a single man. As a Divorce Coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of men who are at their end. This gives a viewpoint of what I would do if I could go back in time and tell myself about what to expect the next two years.

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If you could turn back time and speak to yourself during the beginning stages of the divorce, what would you tell yourself? What pitfalls did you hit, what were some major wins, what would you do different? I’m Rene, your divorce and recovery coach and It’s been 2 years since my separation so I thought it appropriate to speak about one of the most tumultuous times men undergo,,,, your separation. But this story isn’t about me but rather our story and it’s one of triumph so let’s start revving that engine.

I’m Rene, a men’s divorce and recovery coach. If I could hold that broken man that was me 2 years ago,,,, alone, in silence, confused and feeling worthless I’d look at him smile and say in no uncertain term that I’m going to go through my biggest renesance and that all this pain, expensive as it is, was all worth it. I was scared, I was really scared but although I bruised, I did scar and that in a matter of weeks not months, I was going to find myself again. That I wasn’t only going to land on my feet but that I dodged a bullet and thrived but it was going to take losing the social circle I gained during those 7 years I was with my ex.

0:00 Introduction
0:45 All this Pain was all Worth it
1:16 Loss Of Friends
1:59 I was arrogant
3:00 Perspective on Reality
4:19 Biggest Fear
5:00 Right Approach to Dating
5:27 First Year Single
6:12 I settled
6:30 Found Love
7:10 How About You


  1. Your story is very similar to mine. I went through a long learning curve in my divorce, however I wouldn’t change a thing.
    All that well earned knowledge was so useful going forward.
    I remember constantly thinking back then how I was losing a hot wife. I realized after her, that women thought I was attractive, and now I had them while having all this recent personal growth. The world got so much better!

  2. Even when she cheats, Most of those friends will stick with the woman. Most of those friends will support and be by her side even after you knew them for years. They were never your real friends. It’s crazy how they’ll show it to.

  3. Not once did i hear him say all of what he did was wrong.

    He not one said what he would change better as a man.
    Next relationship will be a fail.

  4. Thanks to Rene Sance’s videos, I was able to move onto higher ground with a rapidity that impressed me. This video really helped me when I was knee deep in the excrement pool (censored for Youtube) that is divorce. I really felt he put into words a lot of what I already knew. I already have a decent network that helped me through, or I definitely would have hired him. Turns out I didn’t even need a coach, but his videos were enough. My mourning period lasted a few months. I’m not exactly sure how fast as I had highs and lows, but this program works! I highly recommend you get help through this. I’ve already recommended his videos to people who are currently where I was earlier this year.

  5. “Loss of friends” hey the same thing happened to me. A friend of mine since high school turned his back on me during my divorce. Even after i went to the hospital three times for having panic attacks. He decided that he didn’t want to hear me talk about my problems. I don’t talk to him anymore.

  6. I’ve been single my entire life . I’ve met 2 girls I really knew were amazing in different ways . Different times in my teens . No real relationships no true love ever . Yours is a much different heartbreak . I feel for you . Although we occupy different ends of the spectrum you just motivate me to keep pushing and improving . I don’t wanna die alone but won’t settle for toxic woman either.

  7. This was quite self reflective. Post divorce I noticed the world around me especially people whom I used to call ‘Friends, Family’ suddenly behaving bit weird, maintaining some distance both in person and on social media. I realised lot of human relationships in today’s time are like a mirage. It seems good when things are going well but in no time it evaporates when things fall apart in your personal life.

  8. Rene Garcia Totally spoke to my situation. How was I so blind to her thinking? How could we have gone from the time of our lives in love, to a fucking divorce? Why does that shit happen? I am learning to grow through grief. I’m 61 and still hopeful in finding the real love of my life. I know she is out there looking for me. It’s now just a matter of my growing and ultimately finding her‼️

  9. I’m confused concerned my soon to be ex that I’ve been with for over 20 years just told me that she love me but im not her true love, and that she wants to find her soul mate I’ve been so busy trying to build wealth and to be financially certain. That I haven’t paid her any attention. Hopefully all go well gonna stay single after this.

  10. I would never have gotten married. A wife has more power over her husband than the State does. Family court is a feminist shithole, filled with garbage people.

  11. In your case, When or under what conditions a divorced man is ready to look for a serious relationship (commit) ? Is there a checklist you had that has to be fulfilled before you enter another one ?

  12. You sound just like these women out here that gives every excuse in the book to justify divorce.
    Marriage is unto DeATH when you make those vows. Period.
    You stated for better or for worst. Through good and the bad …till Death do you part.
    Marriage is a covenant before GOD. Yet people make it a contractual broken simple piece of paper when you want to dissolve it.
    Your divorce may be legal in the world but its not lawful by GOD.
    Remarriage is adultery. Period.
    You bring violence upon you when you divorce the wife of your youth. And you commit your soul to hell when you remarry. The hardness of heart is what causes divorce.
    So all that having a shiny hot chick after your wife… whoa unto you. I pray the Lord opens your eyes and gain an understanding of the vows you made before God with your COVENANT spouse.
    God bless you.

  13. I’m five years out of a 30+ year marriage.

    My only regret is that I ever married a woman in the first place.

  14. Marriage is actually becoming a taboo word now a days due to all of the divorces. I’m surprised that you got married for a second time and didn’t learn your lesson the first time. I went through it myself. I got my heart and my piggy bank broken at the same time lol. I’m currently working on getting a better job so that I can make more money, I honestly don’t care to ever get married again. A lot of people don’t understand that the system is setup that way so that the lawyers can get rich. They don’t care about the children. It’s all about the $$$. Please do yourself a favor and don’t do it again. You don’t need to be married in 2022 to enjoy a nice relationship. I really wish that people would stop giving lawyers all of their money. It’s sad that people are still falling into this trap.

  15. Why do men marry women at all just to lose half of everything they ever worked for. Silly. Especially when they get suckered more than once. C’mon guys

  16. Divorce Attorney here. Having to bury a failed marriage is tough on men. However, by the end it provides peace if you grieve and mourn, and actually put it in the ground.

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