How Divorce Effects The Children | Divorce | Documentary Central

How Divorce Effects The Children | Divorce | Documentary Central

A powerful examination of the effects of divorce told by kids for kids that the whole family will benefit from. Witness insightful testimonies as the kids face the initial trauma, work through the pain, learn how to heal and be happy.

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  1. My mom and dad divorced when I was seven years old. She went on to remarry six more times. After awhile, you just become numb and don’t trust anyone again. I’m sixty-three now. My only child died in an accident twelve years ago.

  2. I believe if men and women followed traditional gender roles than the marriage would be much stronger. Less chance for kids to suffer.

  3. This has been one of the instances where society is wrong, people should have the right to divorce as long as they don’t have children. After children were born the marriage should not be about two adults anymore, but about the kid. As someone that has been raised by a single mother and did a lot of reading about this phenomenon, I can say that single mothers are the cancer of the society. There is hard to come with something that equals the harm done by single mothers, to their kids and to society. Boys are not meant to be raised by women, boys need guiding from strong men, they need to be teached how to control their feelings and how to be strong as men. A man raised by a woman is a danger to society and the fact that over 60% of the inmates are the result of single mothers says everything. If we want a healthy society the first thing we need to do is to make sure our children are raised right…

  4. Look at these kids. Look at the maturity in their voices and the words they use. Many of these words come from the parents, therapists, or other adults´s mouths. This is NOT something to be proud of because they are NOT meant to know these words. They are not meant to grow so fast and by the way, let´s bury the fact that the overwhelming majority of jail population, of drug addicts, of people in all sort of serious problems, are children of divorced or single-house families.

    I am shocked on how you need a license to drive, you need to pass exams to go to college, but to do the most important thing a human can do, which is life creation, there are no tests, no exams, no licenses. I am an atheist nor a leftist but I believe people who are not married and proven to have a solid mental and emotional foundation should not be allowed to have children. Harsh measure, I know, but it would save lives.

    I wonder how these kids will do when they are adults, and it breaks my heart that I only need to read statistics to find out.

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