How Divorce Works Under Sharia in the UAE

How Divorce Works Under Sharia in the UAE

🔹 The Personal Status Law regulates divorce under Sharia Law. Presence of any religion can now file for a divorce in the UAE using Sharia Law and its procedures. Divorce can be initiated by either spouse or by legal representative.
🔹For Muslim husbands, Divorce may be ensued by declaring “Talaq” Arab word which mean “I divorce you”.
🔹There are two types of divorce under Sharia Law:-Retractable.-non-retractable.
🔹Otherwise, either spouse may attain a divorce via judicial ruling upon submitting an application for divorce to the UAE courts.
🔹Reasons for judicial ruling:
-Divorce on account of impairment.
-Divorce due to non-payment of dowry.
-Divorce due to harm or prejudice.
-Divorce due to lack of financial support.
-Divorce due to absence/disappearance.
-Divorce due to imprisonment.
-Divorce due to zihar.
-Divorce initiated by female spouse.
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