How Do I Financially Prepare To Leave My Spouse?

How Do I Financially Prepare To Leave My Spouse?

How Do I Financially Prepare To Leave My Spouse?
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  1. I love how they just believe her and demonize the man just based off her words. If he’s truly abusive then yes she must leave. But there’s always two sides to a story

  2. If you put your money in Whole Life Insurance (yeah, I know Daves opinion on Whole Life, but there are extenuating circumstances where it is useful), it is protected from probate and the state to be divvied up. I have seen many people protect themselves from money grubbing spouses by placing it in whole life policies. YOU MUST WORK WITH SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO DO THIS PROPERLY OR IT WILL NOT WORK. Mass Mutual, Northwestern Mutual, and a few others have good policies for this. Your alimony payment goes down if you are contracted to pay whole life instead.

  3. "Due to anger issues" on whose part? They just assumed she meant the guy cos men are stereotyped as being angry and violent.

  4. My problem with the Ramsey solution is they don’t hear both sides of the equation.. most, not all..women will punch themselves and blame the men. Dave is a shill to Christianity.

  5. I’m confused. He’s about to be an ex. Why does she feel the need to pacify him.
    A lot of missing information in her story. Is he mentally slow is why she feels the need to do?

  6. If she was at risk she’d have bolted first and dealt with finances afterwards. She has enough money You guys are being blindsided by the fact she just wants the house.

  7. So what do you say to a man with an abusive wife he’s leaving and is going to be responsible for her spousal support and child support since he doesn’t have the privilege of primary custody..???

  8. we always only hear one side of story. i have witnessed too many good men thrown under the bus by their wives. men, who work 100 hours a week, only to come home and hear unfair accusations. and then, their wifes kick them out of their house and calls her self a victim.

  9. Listening to this I just have one thing to say. People learn to be self reliant, oh sure ask for a little bit of help but when you ask for help do it with them or when you pay them for doing it for you. Give them a big tip.

  10. Divorce is never the right choice, God hates divorce, in the Bible it tells us about separation.

  11. She is likely scared about what he will do to her if she doesn’t make things as perfectly smooth for him as possible.

  12. why do so many women marry such LOSERS? i thought women were much stronger and smarter now than at any time in history and yet here we are and the US is the single mother CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!

  13. You do not have to pay for an apartment for him, he needs to start paying you money it’s called child support

  14. What might she have done to tip his anger off..absent all the info…or is it he drove u into his best friends arms… LoL we are getting one side of this story…

  15. Good lesson to learn ALWYAS be prepared because you never know what could happen tomorrow. Be ready to handle any challenge.

  16. the way men in this comment section get defensive every time there’s an abuse story is honestly beyond me

  17. 80% of divorces are filed by women. 14 years and now she wants out after a new career. Typical blame the man here! odds are she isn’t in danger and just wants out. Stay smart kings get a prenup and learn from your parents, love changes with the seasons of life it’s a financial death trap to believe forever is real.

  18. Sounds like you need to clarify if the caller had been a man instead of a woman. Would you say the same? Find a couple of men friends who can guide you, etc..

  19. Most people do not care about the welfare of the spouse that has been taking care of them their entire lives. They leave when they "can" not when they "should". The angry spouse, typically is so, because the other spouse is being unproductive. That unproductivity is a great stress on the working spouse. The non-working spouse feels unappreciated and/or gets bored (despite refusing to get employment outside the home), bored people may pass time by shopping more, and then begins doing other things thus, not behaving like a spouse… which would cause anyone anger. The spouse that was lazy, unproductive, and running around now needs to find a job so they can leave, which was what the root of the problem in the beginning. Of what I see in the World, this is typically what happens.

  20. See how Dave and John responded so differently in today’s email because the writer is female compared to yesterday’s email when the writer was male.
    Right away they assumed the husband is abusive, right away the wife must be the victim.

  21. The fact this is over anger Not abuse, anger is a big red flag. Why is he angry? Is she a decent wife or is she ungrateful and verbally and emotionally abusive. The societal default is the man is always the bad person. She could easily be the horrible person.

  22. “Due to anger issues” but doesn’t say who has the anger issues. Why do they automatically assume it’s him, and not her, or both of them?

  23. At this point Dave you may have to address the angry mob that magically appears every time you express any sort of empathy towards a woman speaking from her perspective..your fans seem to really hate that about you.

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