How do I get my marriage license in Pennsylvania?

How do I get my marriage license in Pennsylvania?

0:00 Here’s everything you need to know regarding how to obtain your Marriage License in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

0:12 – How long is my marriage license good for? Who need to be present to apply & where should I go? Do I need a witness to apply & how many witnesses?
1:19 – What is a Certified Marriage Record & do we need it?
2:46 – Is there a waiting period?
3:17 – What are the three sections of the marriage license?

Obtain Marriage License Checklist:
□ Social Security Card
□ Photo ID
[if applicable: □ Certified Divorce Decree with embossed seal]
[if applicable: □ Death Certificate with embossed seal]
□ Form of payment that’s not Personal Check (check County Courthouse for acceptable payments)

Link for a list of County Courthouses:

Link for what you need to obtain your marriage license:

NOTE: Misrepresentation of facts upon a marriage license application is a criminal offense subject to penalties set forth in the Crimes Code, 18 C.S. sections 4903 & 4904.

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  1. Hi there Rev. Marc. Do these rules apply to a Pennsylvania Self-Uniting Marriage license?

  2. Rev. Marc, thank you so much for the useful information. I am getting married in October and this will help a lot.

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