How Do I Keep My Divorce Records Secret in Oklahoma?

How Do I Keep My Divorce Records Secret in Oklahoma?

How do I keep my divorce records private?

So generally speaking, civil records filed with the court, for the most part, are public records. Anybody can go down to the courthouse, pull those files, review them.

And now we’ve got online records through or where people don’t even have to go down to the courthouse.

You can just log in, do a search by party name or by other means and pull up these files, download or pull up the matters, the cases, download the files and get particularized information.

And that’s the general rule is that these are open to the public. The exception to that would be a deprived child case, adoptions, guardianships.

Those are sealed records. They’re not available to the public, but as far as divorces, custody battles, protective orders, legal separations, all of that is available openly to the public. So how do you go about trying to keep yours private?

Well, first off, for some things, for where privacy is really an issue regarding some allegations or maybe personalized records, social security numbers, things like that.

If something’s required to be filed and has that kind of information that it’s well-known, doesn’t need to be out in the public, you could file a motion to have it filed under seal, and then it would be a sealed record in the court.

But that’s the exception to the rule. The general rule is that all records filed in a divorce are public records, public information, and availability.

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