How do I recover financially after my break-up or divorce?

How do I recover financially after my break-up or divorce?

A lack of financial resources and ignorance to concepts on how to manage money after a break up adds more emotional stress to an already difficult situation. It is suggested to start by making a budget for a sole income earner and commit to making sacrifices in the beginning to get used to your new living arrangement. To begin to achieve independent financial freedom, you need to take control. Here are several tips to achieve this type of freedom: First, talk to a financial advisor about your goals and needs and they can help you devise a plan and make you accountable for your goals–make sure you do your research and find a financial advisor with many years experience, a portfolio of positive feedback and someone you are able to trust in the long term. Second, learn from your financial mistakes from your previous relationship. Ask yourself these questions: Did I maintain financial independence in my previous relationship? What were my strengths and weaknesses? How do I gain financial confidence? What questions do I need to ask my future partner about their financial past and future goals? These questions will help you get started and you will begin to feel more optimistic the more you educate yourself for your future.

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