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Who am I ? Taryn, and this is MyLife As Taryn. I share my life through a G7x Mark II lens.

I’m a young single mom of a beautiful little girl named Bailey. I talk about motherhood, my walk with God, life after divorce, co-parenting, my singleness and just trying to navigate through this thing we call life. I try to spread love and positivity through my videos 💕.

“No one said every day would be perfect, but that don’t mean today don’t have purpose.”
-Kirk Franklin

“Put God at the center of everything in your life and you won’t ever have to face anything alone.” -Taryn

Currently working on a business email, but until then you can reach me on social media.

IG – @AlwaysForeverTaryn


  1. I’m ready for this. My husband is seeing someone else and trying hard to cover it. My heart is completely broke. This is his account

  2. If you have a clap on clap off light don’t have it near this video or it will go crazy hahahahaha hahahahaha

  3. Get a real job, a trade like welding. Or, waitress, make great make tips. Get yourself out of dependency. Do it for yourself, u don’t need a man!

  4. I just filed for divorce yesterday and cannot even locate anything about my spouse. It’s like I’m married to a stranger who I only know his name and DOB. I was only married for 2 months but legally for 2 years. I’m so scared the judge won’t approve my publication request. I just found your video to try and feel better haha.

  5. From the title, it really feels like she’s scamming people from divorce for money? Then I heard for a few minutes and my suspicions were somewhat correct.

  6. Thank you for the tips but quit clapping your hands please while you’re talking 🤦‍♀️

  7. same old BS around, to all youtubers KEEP IT SIMPLE AND GET TO THE POINT…please take this crap down.

  8. While you feel like you won by divorcing in 20 days and stuck raising a child on your own, he over there with another woman raising another family.
    Nothing fancy over here, just another broken up black family. Black lives matter.

  9. Thankyou for sharing! These are answers to many questions that I have about divorce. Thank you for your bravery.

  10. Simply sounds like the woman just gets what she wants when it’s convenient for her. The laws are to protect y’all not men

  11. Girl I am going through mine have a lawyer, but I just wonder how many times do I have to appear in court???

  12. Br strong sista you’re young, beautiful and smart. You have your whole life ahead of you and I know it hurts but trust that you’ll land on your feet and that karma is real

  13. Really? You had a baby with him? Wow, you’re no smarter than him! You need to get an education and leave Boyz alone 😩 Get your own life, and do it on your own. No BS needed!

  14. If anyone in Virginia needs this info (I’m not a lawyer this is not direct legal advice): I’m divorcing on my own, we are already separated as of January 2nd. I have to draft a "divorce complaint", I googled a template (was very hard to find) and just copied, put our info in it. You then type up a cover letter, it’s like a job cover letter describing briefly what you’re asking the court to do with this complaint. You pay a fee, fee differs (mine is $86 and $12 per paper if served by sheriff. If not served by sheriff and served by me, just $86). If you can get a lawyer definitely do so. Also, I’m pregnant and allowing joint custody so I’m putting that in my divorce complaint. I hope this helps.

  15. HELP! i was in a toxic abusive relationship i was scared so i married him out of fear but i made sure the papers was not turned back in i have moved back to FL he is in GA how can i get a divorce

  16. It took 20 days to tell the story. So, it will take another 20 to actually get through the process. 😁

  17. And yes, like her situation, if your partner does not respond, you will be divorced within 20-21 days. Don’t know if it differs in other states..

  18. Hey everyone! So I don’t know who raised some of y’all 🙃🙃🙃, BUTTTT let me leave a disclaimer – I’m telling MY STORY! Yes, I did get a divorce in 20 days for FREE! And in order to do that, I had to EXPLAIN the situation. If you don’t like it, don’t leave a rude comment. Shows how much home training you don’t have 🥴

  19. Thank you. I’m in MISSISSIPPI hoping I can get the same treatment here with the financial waiver so
    I wouldn’t have to spend $400 to file the papers

  20. Damn wth i was hitched for a whole 7 weeks it took 8 months to get that noose from around my neck wish i wouldve found you earlier

  21. Child Support Ruins everything! …Child Support is NOT part of the government. Its just a broke womans hustle. This all could of been solved by simply coming to an agreement with the childs mother. The violence and the child support did all this to your marriage…like it did to mines. If women want to keep a man..stop feeding him to the devils which is child support. Let a man be a man. child support only makes him not get the money you women are asking us for. Please make sense of this because its really simple. They dont need to be in between any relationship at all. But its you the woman who allows it to happen..and once you do…the real destruction of a marriage will be seen quicker than you think.
    And for the record i freed myself from child support. All the sudden my ex wife calls me to say she misses me…fuck outta here! ..smh.

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