How I Got My LPC-Associate License In 3 Months After Graduating | Timeline + Cost

How I Got My LPC-Associate License In 3 Months After Graduating | Timeline + Cost

Hi everyone! My name is Deyanira Cavazos and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in the state of Texas. In this video I’ll be sharing the steps I took to get my LPC-A in 3 months and the cost to help give you an idea as to how long and how much this can take.


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📎National Suicide Prevention Hotline

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-Set Boundaries, Find Peace

-Coping Skills For A Stressful World

-CBT Workbook For Kids

-DBT Book

12 Ways To Cope With Your Latina Mom
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  1. Hi, do you know anything about having graduate school done + the exam in one state and then moving to TX and getting your LPC supervision hours there? I know all states have different requirements but it seems to be different info everywhere!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I appreciate how you talked about the specific steps you took to obtain your goal.

  3. Thank you so much I will be subscribing on all my pages just so you get to 1000. I wish you the best of luck with you me watch hours! 🙏🏾

  4. Hey, thanks so much for your video. I have a Masters in Psychology. I’ve also taken the Jurisprudence exam. I have pretty much tried to complete the process myself with the information from the TBHEC website. However, I have concerns now. Am I able to complete this process with a masters degree in psychology or will I have to complete an actual counseling program?

  5. Can you post the websites where you begin your steps? I am currently living in another state headed to TX.

  6. Hey! Thank you for your video. I am taking my exam at the very end of July. Could you share your study timeline / study plan? I’m having trouble scheduling my time accordingly. Thanks in advance!

  7. Starting with this woman, scroll through the pictures, how many , alpha makes do you see? What percentage of clients are alpha males? Does it matter?

  8. HI. Don’t you have to complete some internship hours in order to get the LPC? In NJ, people need to complete 4,500 so they can get the LPC. Gracias por tus videos.

  9. Hey there! so once i become an LPC in ohio, i plan on relocating to texas. Wil i drop down to an LPC-A? the rules in different states kill me

  10. I have a question so after I finish my bachelors I can start practicing , it’s called graduate school? or do I have to wait the full 8 years cause I need to finish the bach and I need the masters to become officially licensed

  11. Are you required to take the jurisprudence test, before taking the NCE exam? Also, once I pass the NCE exam, is there a additional fee to apply for my license in Texas? And lastly, what are some study materials such as books, that you recommended us using for the NCE? (Perhaps a video is Helpful) 🙏

  12. Thanks so much for sharing, this brings me relief to hear your study methods and how not to over think too much, practice self care and just to pace myself through the process. I am scheduled to take my NCE in October, and i graduate with my masters in clinical mental health counseling in August. I am planning on starting to study as soon as I finish school, but still feel some anxiousness about it! I am also from the RGV (Harlingen area) so seeing someone local share their experience and story is great!! thank you 🙂

  13. Could you please tell me how much mark I’ll need to get to do well in SQE and what to do after passing SQE ?

  14. Thank you for the information and timeline. Your information was clear, concise, and to the point. I really appreciate that. Blessings.

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