How is Property Divided in a Massachusetts Divorce?

How is Property Divided in a Massachusetts Divorce?

When you get divorced, you must divide your property. But who gets what? That’s a big question in every divorce. Massachusetts is an equitable property division state. That means the your property is not necessarily divided equally. Instead, it is divided fairly. Of course, what one person thinks is fair is not always what the other person thinks. A judge takes many factors into consideration.
Property is broken down into two categories:
1. marital property, and,
2. separate property.
Marital property is any property that is purchased during the course of the marriage for the benefit of the couple. Separate property are items that were purchased prior to the marriage. It also includes property obtained during the marriage, but intended for only one person usually through a gift or inheritance. A Massachusetts judge can divide both marital and separate property as they see fit.

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