How is Property Divided in an Oklahoma Divorce?

How is Property Divided in an Oklahoma Divorce?

How is property divided in an Oklahoma divorce? I’m Tulsa attorney, James Wirth. I’m answering frequently asked questions about family law matters. That’s the question, is, how do we divide assets? Well, I can tell you it’s a multi-step process.

First off, before it even gets before a judge, both parties are going to want to make sure they have a complete understanding of what all the assets and the debts are.

They want to have documentation of those things, so they can be presented. Most cases get resolved before going to a final trial and giving it up to the judge.

Because once we know what everything is, most of the time we have a pretty good idea of what a judge may order. And then we can save ourselves the time and the money of actually putting on a trial.

Regardless, first step’s you got to make sure that you know what all the assets are, what their values are. If we’ve got real estate, then you may want an appraiser.

You may get an appraisal, and the other party may get an appraisal, and then they can present each one to the judge.

The judge can make a determination what the value of the house is, or the other properties, based on that. Long story short on that, everybody needs to know what assets are involved and what they’re valued at.

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