How Long Does a Typical Divorce Take in British Columbia?

How Long Does a Typical Divorce Take in British Columbia?

Welcome to McQuarrie Legal Services! In today’s video, Host Zack Spencer and Family Law Lawyer David Halkett discuss how long the typical divorce process takes in British Columbia. Everyone’s situation will differ based on specific circumstances such as child support requirements and division of assets, this video is meant to provide a general guideline.

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If divorce is the only option for your relationship, you probably prefer to do so quickly. Separation and divorce can often be stressful and sometimes even traumatic.
The total time to get a divorce depends on whether or not both parties agree to all the terms about parenting, support, property and debt issues and how fast the judge can get around to the paperwork.
Uncontested Divorce means a divorce in which all major issues are resolved before going to trial, which will take considerably less time than a contested divorce. Typically, it takes less than a year. However, the speed a judge will sign divorce papers will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
If you and/or your spouse decide that a separation is in order then for legal advice on how best to proceed with your separation, you can contact the lawyers at McQuarrie.
Our dedicated family law lawyers can assist you with all the steps, and at every stage of separation and divorce proceedings in BC including:
Child and spousal support
Child custody and guardianship
Division of property and assets
Our lawyers are both patient and compassionate and dedicated to you during separation processes, court proceedings and negotiations. We also have in-house mediators who can assist with this type of alternative dispute resolution so you can avoid going to court.
If you are considering a divorce, it is important that you are aware of and understand the separation laws in British Columbia before you begin the process. Our family law lawyers are here to help answer all of your questions during the initial consultation.
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