How long does it take after filing the I-751 petition?

How long does it take after filing the I-751 petition?


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👉 In this video Immigration Attorney Jacob Sapochnick will fo over the time frames and process of form I751

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  2. When the status changes to ‘Ready to be scheduled for an interview’. What does that mean? That they have decided to not waive my interview and eventually will interview? Or there are still chances that it might change to ‘Approved’ after this without an interview. (Visa Type: Cr1 and current status of application ‘Testing and Interview’

  3. Hi Jacob, could you please provide updates for the US Consulate in Mumbai? The last video was exactly a month ago and you had stopped at Israel. Please. Thank you

  4. Hello Jacob thank you for the videos they have been really helpful, could you talk about foreign embassies waiting times to just schedule appointments. I`V been trying for nearly 4 months to get an immigrant visa appointment in Buenos Aires and nothing.
    The embassy even send me an email telling me to go online NOW and schedule an appointment but the system is always giving me a negative response. I heard of law offices using robots to check when is an embassy opening spots for visa appointment, any comments? .

  5. This uscis take lots of money still wait 22-24 months biggest drama no where in the world .. foolness regardless drama

  6. Processing times changed here in California Center.WAC.why did USCIS extend the time. Before it was 6-9 months. The website changed to 7-22 months

  7. Vistor b1b2 Visa prosses are not normalized and travel ban is being lifted, this is injustice to those who are waiting for interviews for a year, if the US intends not to give a new visa, then it should be clarified, after waiting a year if six months And have to wait for the interview in the name of slow system, everything is possible if intends, this is a just eye wash.

  8. Hello Jacob. Thank you so much for these precious informations… I have a question. How long it takes to get I – 485 green card ? I came in US with I -129 visa. I get married with my spouse. I filed for the green card. I get my fingerprints last month. And then I am waiting.

  9. Hi Jacob, do you recommend applying for citizenship while waiting for i-751 approval or it will make things more complicated?

  10. I filled my I-751 in time, 90 day before expired my 2 years Green card in 2017, still married with my husband. Not received nothing, already filled N-400 in 2020, because of tired to wait respond for I-751 from USCIS, now my N-400 out of processing time, still no response for any of my cases. All this time I was livid in seam adreess and married with my husband in Texas. 3 weeks a go we moved to another State, Missouri. Where I will have my interview in Texas or Missouri?

  11. Hey Jacob can you give an update on the US embassy in Jamaica on immediate relatives plz. Congrats on a 100k subsribers‼️✨

  12. Hi Jacob , thanks for the video regarding the I751, I applied for my I 751 waiver in July 2021 and I received my 18 month extension. I filed the waiver after I attended the I751 interview with my ex wife. I want to know that should I be getting an other mail from USCIS for 24 months and what are the chances of getting waiver on the bases of divorce. Thank you

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