How Long Does it Take for a Divorce in India |Legal Process of Divorce |Advocate Prasanna| IRA Media

How Long Does it Take for a Divorce in India |Legal Process of Divorce |Advocate Prasanna| IRA Media

How Long Does it Take for a Divorce in India |Legal Process of Divorce |Advocate Prasanna| IRA Media

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  1. మేడం నేను ఫస్ట్ నుంచి ఒక అమ్మాయిని కూడా లవ్ చెయ్యలా నేను ఒక పల్లెటూరి అమ్మాయి ని మ్యారేజ్ చేసుకున్నాను నన్ను ఇష్టం లేదు అని అంటుంది దీనికి మాకు తొందరగా విడాకులు వస్తాయా మేడం

  2. 2 months pelli ayena couple lo
    Ammai ki divorce kavali abbai ki evannu antunadu.
    How many days it will take for divorce?
    Please reply

  3. Madam, if people want to get rid of a person, even if there is a problem of both or one, they are taking a divorce, but after that, the weaker one society is getting murdered and other is enjoying their life. I know a murder where the person got sick after divorce phase, then when he was admitted to a famous hospital, due to the girl’s family influence, and internal lady villains(victim’s brother’s wife), person spinal cord liquid was taken illegally and sold by hospital people. After that, he could not get out of his bed. He could not even speak, his brain got affected may be. Later he passed away after struggling. Lady got married to another man and was happy with the kids. Now where murder has gone wrong?? Perfect murder even after divorce. The girl used to have 7 brothers and 7 maternal uncles roughly I remember. To date, their relatives are chasing people of next-generation kids like me even in family functions with words, the bad expressions on faces, and eyesight.

    Yes, internal villains who spoilt my uncle’s life after 20 years, the same way spoilt my life also, but I am not yet married and they spoilt my love affair by dragging me to the police station and influencing me wrongly, and they have also spoilt my arrange marriage options even before my love affair. happened. What can I do about these types of people in the family?

  4. Anchor enduku end points ni repeat chesi matladutundho ardamkavadam ledhu. It’s irritating when listening ..she is explaining in a good way.

  5. Marriage ayina 15 days ke aa abbayi vere ammayini love chesanani nannu vadilesi vellipoyaadu… Memu appude case vesi 2years avitundi maaku hearing ravatledu and pedda manushulatho matladi settle chesukundaama ante aa abbayi divorce evvanantunnadu and kapuraniki teesukellanu antunnadu elanti situation lo emcheyyali mam…

  6. విడాకుల గురించి ఎంత బాగా అయినా చెప్పగలరు. బార్యభర్తలను కలవడానికి, రెందుకుటుంబాలు కలవడానికి చెప్పగలరా.

  7. ఎక్కడ స్ట్రీలుగౌరవించ బడుతుందో అక్కడ దేవతలు ఉంటారు. భార్య /కోడలు సుఖశాంతులు లేని చో ఆఇంట్లో సుఖసంతోషాలు ఉండవు.
    ఇంటికి దీపం ఇల్లాలు.
    ఆమె కోరుకునేది ప్రేమ మాత్రమే. కానీ అత్తమామలు ఆమె ను పీడించి అయినా డబ్బు ఆమె తండ్రి వద్ద నుండీ లాగాలి.
    ప్రేమ vs డబ్బు. చివరకు ఇంటి ఇల్లాలు బలి అవుతుంది.

  8. Title is "Divorce"
    But video is Advocates safety😁
    Many advocates are corrupted and support to opponent due to excess money.

  9. తప్పుడు కేసులు పెట్టె భార్య లను (498a) ఉగ్రవాదులు కి అప్పచెప్పాలి తాలిబన్ లకి,అల్లాడి పోతున్నాం, పెళ్లి అవ్వి (26)ఏళ్ళు అవుతుంది, అదనపు కట్నం అడుగుతామా, న్యాయం లేదు తప్పుడు కోర్టు లు

  10. Now I have more knowledge on this. I just subscribed to your channel. Big ups to everyone working effortlessly trying to earn a living while building wealth. I went through a lot of financial crisis during my divorce, I had to raise my two kids alone, Currently I’m living smart and frugal with my money. Saving and investing lifestyle in the financial market made it possible for me; even till now I earn monthly through passive income. I’m planning on retiring when my kids finish college.

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