How Model Precious Lee Gets Runway Ready | Diary of a Model | Vogue

How Model Precious Lee Gets Runway Ready | Diary of a Model | Vogue

Precious Lee always bets on herself—from taking the LSATs to opening Harris Reed’s debut at Nina Ricci, she can do it all. Watch as Precious goes around Paris and talks about how she navigates a world of experiences as a model.

Director: Talia Collis
Director of Photography: Etienne Baussan
Editor: Katie Wolford
Audio: David Amselem
Senior Producer, Vogue: Jordin Rocchi
Production Coordinator, Paris: Tara Lengyel
Supervising Producer, Paris: Nikki Petersen
Filmed on Location: Le Bristol Paris
Vogue Runway: Nicole Phelps, Laird Borelli-Persson, Irene Kim, Laia Garcia-Furtado
Production Coordinator: Ava Kashar
Production Manager: Kit Fogarty
Line Producer: Romeeka Powell
Senior Director, Production Management: Jessica Schier
Assistant Editor: Billy Ward
Post Production Coordinator: Jovan James
Supervising Editor: Kameron Key
Post Production Supervisor: Edward Taylor
Global Talent Casting Director, Vogue: Ignacio Murillo
Director of Content, Production, Vogue: Rahel Gebreyes
Associate Director, Creative Development, Vogue: Billie JD Porter
Senior Director, Programming, Vogue: Linda Gittleson
Executive Producer: Ruhiya Nuruddin
VP, Digital Video English, Vogue: Thespena Guatieri

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  1. Nina Ricci is NOT a line. She must be a victim of this constant Vogue YouTube page. Somehow, I chose to watch it. Not my fault. Plus size models are NOT officially part of haute couture. Understand? She’s a cutie, though. I think she would make a better actress? Definitely, a misunderstood person.

  2. I just posted a video about her in my YouTube channel. She is so fking beautiful. So down to earth❤

  3. I looove this. I never understood why only thin models. Progress, evolution needed to happen. 🤗👏🫶 🌎

  4. She’s so beautiful she truly within the next few years will be one of this generations supermodels!, she has this ethereal energy about her she kinda reminds me of sza

  5. She’s a goddess walking among us, so happy to see African American women represented on the runways again💕💕💕

  6. Her closing the Vogue World runway in that Zac Posen gold dress is one of my favourite runway moments ever ! She is one of my favs of this gen along Vittoria, Bella and Imaan and is nice to have a video like this to see a glimpse of her personality!

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