How overseas Pakistani send divorce Deed / Talaq Paper to wife in Pakistan | Power of attorney

How overseas Pakistani send divorce Deed / Talaq Paper to wife in Pakistan | Power of attorney

Welcome to SM Consultants YouTube Channel. In this video you will know How overseas Pakistani send divorce Deed Talaq Paper to wife in Pakistan Power of attorney As per Muslim Personal Law and under section 7 of the Muslim Family Law Ordinance the husband pronounces talaq (oral or by way of Deed of Divorce) and sends written notice by registered post to the Union Council, mentioning address of his ex- wife.
How can I give divorce notice to my wife in Pakistan?
Under the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance any man who wishes to divorce his wife shall, as soon as may be after the pronouncement of Talaq/Divorce in any form whatsoever, give a notice in writing to the chairman of the Union Council and also send a copy to the wife.
How do I give my wife a notice of divorce?
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Since there is no fixed procedure to send a legal notice for divorce, it can be sent either through registered post or can be personally tendered to the husband/wife. Either of the spouses is expected to acknowledge the receipt of the legal divorce notice.
What is procedure of divorce in Pakistan?
The procedure of divorce in Pakistan is conducted in family courts and an arbitration council. After the divorce from union council and family court, a divorce decree is issued to you which is the proof of divorce in Pakistan.
Divorce certificate required documents.
Divorce deed from husband
divorced deed from the wife if her husband delegated power to divorce him.
any marriage proof.
copy of CNIC and passport
special power of attorney if someone applying from overseas.
If divorce gets through khula from Family court in Pakistan then decree and judgment of the family court are required.

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  1. Aslamo elakum, Embassy power of attorney ko to attest kar rahe ha lakin wo divorce deed ko attest nahe kar rahe. Please thora clear kar daen aik cheez kay,

    (1)-Abhe "Pakistani stem paper" par divorce deed ko print kar kay bhajna ho ga ya divorce deed ko, with two witness kay sign and info kay ya,

    (2)- "Normal paper" par jis par divorce deed already printed ha, 2 witness kay sign and info. karwa kar bhajna ha.

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