How SMART women divorce a narcissist

How SMART women divorce a narcissist

How SMART women divorce a narcissist//Want the best advice on divorcing a narcissist? This video will show you how to prepare before leaving a husband or wife with narcissistic personality disorder. If you’re experiencing narcissistic abuse from a malignant or covert narcissist (npd), watch this. You’ll learn sneaky things to outsmart and negotiate with the narcissist even when there is emotional abuse, narcissistic behavior, financial abuse, gaslighting and more that rebecca zung talks about.

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  1. What if we can’t find any of the financial docs because the guy uses electronic bills and doesn’t give the passwords and controls all the finances

  2. If your a man with children, their is nothing you can do to get a fair divorce. If the female takes anything from martial assets, it’s hers. If the man takes anything, the judge deducts from his share of the marital assests. If the women wants to sign the husband’s name, she can because she is still your wife. The man is responsible for 100 % of the wife’s bills – not the other way around. No man should ever get married.

  3. Men, do not hesitate to put a restraining order against your narcissistic female partner! Men, the system is biased against you get ahead of the madness and protect yourself at all costs! Men, be safe!

  4. Men, do not hesitate for one moment to put a restraining order against your female partner if you feel your safety and health is in jeopardy. Placing a permanent restraining order on my female partner was absolutely the wisest protective move of my adult lifetime. My only regret is not doing it years earlier. Men, be safe!

  5. Boss!! I was making plans to move out but my sister suggested if I did this then it might put my half of the house in jeopardy. But I can’t take it anymore living with him….

  6. Thank you for this great video! I have been fantasizing about divorcing my husband. I never really knew what to do or where to start. This past week it was revealed to me that he is cheating and has been for for a long time. What makes this so interesting is him being ordained and reassuring me(without me asking or suspecting) that he has a commitment to God. He would regularly acuse me of cheating out of the blue. I thought that he must have a guilty continuous, not knowing that he did indeed.

  7. I would like to know how much paperwork I need. Like how many months/years of bills I need to show the lawyer? Before I start my divorce. Man I feel sick because we just went thru all our loans we had on cars and threw all the paperwork away to get rid of clutter. So what are your suggestions on paperwork?

  8. I am in the process of divorcing a malignant narcissist husband I put him out of my place he was a horrible person a demon in disguise I am happy he is gone and I had my own place.

  9. They smear ur name . So if u wanna borrow money .. ur knows as a an addict psycho Cheater unhinged etc ….

  10. My narcissist husband is executing severe financial abuse on me. I don’t know how to come out of this.he theatens me saying that if I ask for my financial rights during divorce process he will ask for full custody of our child. That makes me panic. Better to come to an agreement. Only child support and run away from here to as far as possible.

  11. The narc wasband finally signed the settlement agreement, he just moved out and I have exclusive possession of the home. In the SA we are to use an insurance check we received for maintenance and repair of the home as I work to get it ready to go on the market. We are both to agree to what is to be done. He’s now going back on what he previously agreed to and said he is now not agreeing. Anyone care to offer advise on to how to respond without being his energy source? He’s asked for his share, which, per the SA states if there is any money left of this insurance check it is to be split 60/40. I already emailed telling him this money isn’t for our personal bank accounts, it’s for the repair and maintenance of the home…but obviously he will now say no to everything that’s needed. I don’t want to be penny wise and dollar foolish by asking my attorney. The check is for 1900.00. I have the check in my account.

  12. Would love to hear about how I get copies of electronic filed tax returns spouse has hidden while he took my covid money to pay for "my half" of taxes when I have no assets and he has hidden investment money and made more than I did!

  13. This is 70 years old woman. I live with narcissistic personality disorder man, 78 years old man.
    16 years, till now, I tried divorce from him. But couldn’t. ‘Cause I was weak. NOW have to do. Thank you so much. Please help me go on.

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