How these Teams Absolutely Fleeced NBA Free Agency

How these Teams Absolutely Fleeced NBA Free Agency

How these Teams Absolutely Fleeced NBA Free Agency

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  1. Gobert’s defense has never been a problem it’s always been the defenders surrounding him that have led to postseason failures

  2. 8:52 bruuh, I’m lakers fan, but i still gotta say it, did you really have to do Paul George like that 😂 😂🤣 💀 #playoffP🤡

  3. nigga said gobert is unplayable in certains playoff matches LMAO, do people really look at videos from other people that don’t even watch games ?? 😂😂 tuff

  4. John wall works best if John wall is committed to coming off the bench and playing his best there as a spark plug but if he’s there to get the starting job because of his past glory days it’s going to be a nightmare.

  5. I don’t know if there is a move “I like”, but as a GPII fan, I was sad to see him go. But also a bit perplexed at the price tag… was this a fair deal????

  6. One of my favorite things this off season is not a free agent but a returning healthy James wiseman to the warriors

  7. It was the end for rudy, when utah lost by 35 to the Raptors. It was only a matter of time. Dude is easily abused and exploited by good offences.

  8. Gobert is the biggest move so far. Wolves weren’t going to compete in the west for a few years, Gobert doesn’t make them compete for a title but it helps them jump up to a top regular season team. Brogdan is the best move of the off-season. Until KD gets traded

  9. Rudy was never a problem on the perimeter and why "analysts" still think this, I have no idea. It’s the rest of the team that was a problem on the perimeter.

    In teams that ran 5-out against the Jazz, Rudy always had to come off his dude to help in the paint BECAUSE the Jazz simply did not defend the three point line with any efficiency. This caused an easy kickout and Rudy had to scramble back. Rudy was Utah’s most effective man defender on the perimeter last year and years prior.

  10. About NyK,. Brunson can really organize the offense which struggled for identity for the past 3 years. if he really plays well he can elevate the level of all the players around him and they can have an unexpected new ceiling…. Grimes also can step up. Even so, it is hard to see how they can win more than 45 games next season which would put them in 7th place or so.
    I think a golden state signing Donte Divincenzo, and in the East 76 signing PJ Tucker are the best free agency signings for moving the needle. Go 76. 40 years later after Dr J another title.

  11. John Wall in my opinion is the biggest out of everyone. To pair with Kahwi and PG13 is probably going to be the reason the Clippers get to the Finals this year. His passing game is still crazy his shot is still pretty solid; tho i dont think he will get many shot selections due to the main stars of the team, he will still hit when need to just like the john wall we’ve seen time and time again in the past. Working with the Clippers i feel might actually make him better then he ever has, who knows…

  12. Shooters only got open vs. Gobert because he was constantly forced to drop into the paint to cover for teammates who were allowing their guys to get by them. If the Jazz perimeter defense was better, he wouldn’t have to do that. Perimeter defense isn’t Gobert’s strength, but he’s a lot better at it than people think.

  13. I think that New York did improve by 5-6 games with Brunson and Hartenstein. I do not know if that will get them past the play in. But I do know that it improves the pace and fun for the fans.

  14. I love your approach to the league man! A lot of channels out there with teenagers being edgy shitlords, it’s refreshing to hear someone who knows what he’s talking about and has a no nonsense attitude. Keep it up!

  15. Minnesota got fleeced. The Timberwolves had a solid defense last year and it wasn’t Dlo or KAT doing it. It was Pat Bev and V8. So the Jazz got a solid set of defenders in return as well as some nutty draft equity on top of it. Vanderbilt slots right in where Rudy left and might not be as impactful defensively as Rudy but isn’t a liability on offense for a much cheaper salary. Getting Pat Beverley also satisfies the issue that exposed Rudy; that he had no help on the defensive end on the perimeter. All for a guy who was borderline unplayable in the post season being paid $40+mil a year.

  16. 8:52 you REALLY had to do it to him like that?!?!? 😂 definitely my favorite move of the offseason lol

  17. I watched Brogdon play a lot last year, and I feel he’s a tad overrated. He sometimes dribbles way to much without actually doing anything and can struggle against length when attacking the rim. He’s not someone who has a ton of go to moves to get a bucket. He’s also injury prone, you can bank on him missing 40 or more games, it’s just who he is. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Boston

  18. If you were a GM, how would you have landed Rudy? We know no one wants to come to MN as a small market. When they needed to move, they have to pay. This is actually a win for MN. Those draft picks are really not that great unless top 5. And they already got their franchise players.. They don’t need to keep drafting and rebuilding. Rudy will be center and KAT will be a PF. GM are professional and have more resource then us regular viewers. They know what they are doing.

    Jazz is just buying time. They’ll tank next year.

  19. Edwards throwing shades on Gobert signing coz Gobert taking his future cheese. Be great full that you got an elite defender. If you feel ur losing ur cheese then join Lebron or KD.

  20. Dude you just listed why Utah struggled they started small guys . Who can’t play D at all which left Rudy in a hole most of the time.. he’s not a DPOY for no reason . If he was on a better defensive team he would show you why. He’s the best defender on his team but he’s too big to guard 1-3 .

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