How This Mom Built Financial Prosperity After Divorce | Real Moms Real Money | Parents

How This Mom Built Financial Prosperity After Divorce | Real Moms Real Money | Parents

Author of Prosperity After Divorce, Michelle Jacobik, is her own best success story. While Jacobik experienced much success, buying the company she worked for at 29 years old and turning it into a seven-figure business, her life changed when she got divorced in 2013. Her savings and retirement accounts were split in half and her expenses nearly doubled. Eight months post-divorce, Jacobik found herself with $8,000 of credit card debt. After realizing how her spending habits were depleting her nest egg, Jacobik began redesigning her finances and implemented a budget system to build her net worth. Now as a profitability strategist, Jacobik is on a mission to help other women rebuild their financial life before, during, and after divorce.

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  1. I’m going through divorce with someone who never put half INTO anything … suffice it to say I have taken all the risk for the home mortgage/loan, almost all bills, among so many other things … I pay about 85-90% … he pays 10-15% … but Michigan’s equitable distribution doesn’t look at ANY of that, nor who did the hard work …. they mostly split it in half … so one spouse gets a windfall like winning the lottery while the other hard working, responsible one gets financially ruined ….. I really wonder how that is seen as equitable/fair in any way … and to think it’s legal …. there’s something REALLY WRONG with the legal system and so-called equitable distribution.

  2. I went through a lot of financial crisis during my divorce, I had to raise my two kids alone, Currently I’m living smart and frugal with my money. Bought my second house already. Saving and investing lifestyle made it possible for me; even till now I earn monthly through passive income. I’m planning on retiring when my kids finish college..

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