HOW TO AFFORD A DIVORCE ATTORNEY//Are you trying to figure out how on earth you are going to afford a divorce? Divorce can be expensive. What if you can’t afford a divorce lawyer? What if you can’t afford to move out? Are you afraid you’ll struggle financially after a divorce? Watch this two part interview with the fairy godmother of divorce and CEO of New Chapter Capital, Nicole Noonan, to find out what to expect financially in a divorce, and how to get a divorce when you can’t afford it.
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  2. Left with the clothes on my back after 37 years. No contact and getting divorce. He’s trying to demolish me. Thank you for this and so much more.

  3. I’m looking for legal advice on how to start a custody battle for two children and parental alienation. Why are the children it’s a type 1 diabetic 14 years old and have been since he was two and a half I’ve always been the stay-at-home mom caretaker and husband was military. Two and a half years ago he left Financial abuse I have nothing allow the children to go with him until I got on my feet. He turned one child against me but not the other allow me to see one kid but not the diabetic until the diabetic 6 months ago on his own decided he wanted to start talking to me because he didn’t believe the stuff that he was being told one second proved him on paperwork did the stuff he was being told was not true now he’s upset with his father but he won’t say anything because he said his life will be heard of what you said if he stands up for his self. Want to fight for them they come back with me everyday and they want to. They are getting emotionally abused not only by him but by who significant other and we are not even legally separated after 17 years of marriage. I’m to the point where have you ever give him family home new child support no spousal support nothing just let me have children and he can see them whenever and pay whatever and he still fight me will not let me talk to them unless it’s on his terms. I’m so tired I don’t know what else to do cuz after him putting our kids through DSS for two years and me losing every family member over his life I just got my family back and my children talking to me I don’t want to put any of them through anything like that again. So I sit here and hurt so that they don’t have to go through that again even though I know legally I have the rights I just don’t have the finances and I don’t want to hurt my children anymore. But also I feel like I’m hurting and more letting him get into their head like he did mine. I don’t know what to do feels like every time I think I’m making the right choice it’s always wrong. Any advice or help

  4. Thank you! Please, more suggestions/support on this topic…California says it all for me!

  5. This is very , very helpful. Thank you for doing videos on this topic. It is very common and women are really still in the position of not being the monied spouse and needing help . Just to have peace of mind to start the process.

  6. Sell your car, and get a lawyer who gives a student discount! That’s what I did – $400, 1972, in Albany, New York.

  7. Mahalo, I am in dire need of simple divorce & Restraining order. Taking notes.🛐👆✝️😎

  8. Aloha from big island of Hawaii, I started in April of this year ! Together 15 years marriage 11 years it finally hit me he v was sucking my soul ! He has an attorney I
    Don’t he took my. Name. Off. Business which I. Busted my butt to learn how an office run!pass 3 years company makes almost $300,000. I have twin 7 years and he won’t pay nothing

  9. He’s served me with divorce papers but wants me homeless and penny less after 46 yrs.of marriage and being a good mother, grandmother of 18 grandkids 8 great-grandkids.

  10. Exactly what I needed today, I truly appreciate your videos thank you so so much this all just started on the 26th and I seriously feel like I have to armor up and go into this war. All attorneys I’ve talked to said he is playing nasty and I need one to represent me for sure.

  11. This is super helpful! Women are so vulnerable when kept out of the financial involvement and just not having equal perceived power to fight the controller and abuser. Thank you!!🙏❤️

  12. In my case as being a male needing a divorce from a narcissist wife I can’t afford a divorce either. I have always paid every bill for over 20 years. She always had a good job and kept her money to herself. She recently got fired from her job and at her age (60) probably won’t be able to get another one. She also is an alcoholic which led to her I believe getting fired. Any way her drinking and narcissistic behavior has gotten worse. Calling police and saying that I am abusive,, ( lucky thing I video taped the whole thing). Anyway in order to divorce I basically have to leave my home and she gets half my retirement. Don’t even have the money to leave. Anyway I can’t afford a divorce but it’s just no way to live. Eventually she have me arrested and put out of my home, ( she moved in with me). SORRY FOR THE RANT!

  13. Aloha from Honolulu. Day 16 no contact Fragile, Covert Narc Alcoholic. God is good & you are great.✝️👆🛐 God is good!

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