1. hi l want to know how can l find out if l’m still married to my husband or not we were married in 1991 he just recently passed away in may of this year but l hard hear he did remarry but l never received any kind of papers from him coming from a lawyers office or from the courts from a judge.
    So l don’t really know and i would just like to know because my papers anything l’m filling out l’m putting my married name still but it’s with my maiden name also then marriage name because l never just took my husbands last name l kept my last name
    So what can l do to find out this important information so l just know for myself and l called for SSI but l still have a few years to go before l get his SSI because l receive disability SSI due health reasons for myself .

    I would really appreciate any information that you can help me with to resolve this matter.
    one other thing l called king County clerks offices the gentleman l spoke to he did a little search and he didn’t see anything he said if he filled for a divorce it would show that he filled but never follow through with it,..and if he did this through the courts or lawyer offices he would see it in the system and l should have received papers someone would have had to serve me l but don’t know if this is true or not.
    Thank You

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