How to Approach your Spouse about Couples Counseling

How to Approach your Spouse about Couples Counseling – You might be wondering, “How do I suggest couples therapy without upsetting my partner?”

Couples therapy / Marriage Counseling is a big leap for some couples. It could be a sensitive topic for both you and your partner.

If your relationship with your spouse (or significant other) seems to be crumbling, you may be considering couples counseling to sort through your distress.

If you are unsure of how to approach your spouse with the idea of counseling, follow these tips to help you discuss couples counseling with your partner.

Dr. Melissa Estavillo, PsyD explains how to approach your spouse about couples/marriage counseling.

Couples counseling can help conquer some of the challenges that have caused you emotional pain and suffering between you and your significant other.

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  1. So if one spouse has a gambling problem…we are not going to point out that needs to change?

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