How To Ask A Narcissist for a Divorce (and Escape Unscathed!)

How To Ask A Narcissist for a Divorce (and Escape Unscathed!)

HOW TO ASK A NARCISSIST FOR A DIVORCE// Are you married to a narcissist husband or narcissist wife and wondering if you should divorce him or her? Are you wondering how a narcissist might react to divorce and wondering how to tell your narcissistic spouse that you want a divorce? Watch this video to find out the best strategies for divorcing a narcissist and how to protect yourself by preparing for what happens when you do decide to divorce them.
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  1. What if you dont want to leave your family home because you dont want to stress the kids out even more? Or make them chsnge schools?

  2. let’s roll! ps: he deleted thousands of incriminating emails and texts and even pictures of mine from my email and phone. He hacked into them all. I have videos but this is very frustrating.

  3. I am not married, but have been with my parter 20 plus years. I have three children eldest is 20 years old. I am done with the relationship and want him out of my house. He is not in the deed and I know I can legally evict him. He wouldn’t leave willingly I know this for a fact. I am going to seek advice from an eviction lawyer. Should I let him know that I would go taking the legal way to evict him, going him a heads up because this might affect his credit if we go to court or should I just start the process and go him the notice to quit from the start. If I can avoid spending money during these times I rather go that route.

  4. I did everything wrong and have been paying for it for the last 4 months!! I was suffering from CPTSD & went into full on shock by his reactions and discard, completely bewildered but finally coming out of it. Hard to move though & he’s pushing divorce in his abandonment trauma,so brutal and kind of funny in the end…

  5. I have nowhere to go. I’m disabled and he uses it against me. He calls me useless, and a dependent. I have no income and he tells me I will get nothing from him. 🙄I’ve been beaten, thrown in jail for defending myself and he thinks he’s the victim. I have recording after recording of his abuse. Throwing things, destroying things, just mental torture for over 15 years. Dear God help me.

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  8. What do you mean “ask”? I’m not asking. I’m moving out – getting myself and pets (kids are grown) out in a safe place with what I need bc there will be hell to pay, games to play. Once we are out safe, I will tell him we are getting a divorce by having him served.

  9. Mine is in another Country and I do not have his address. We got married in NYS. He is now in Hungary. I only have his phone number. He is not a citizen.

  10. I told my husband I wanted a divorce in April and he completely flipped to this unrecognizable love bombing fool. I can’t go anywhere without him driving me or questioning everything. I sometimes will wake up to him staring at me. I don’t know who he is now, but I don’t like the new guy either! Let’s Roll!

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  12. I’m speaking on my behalf of my mother in law. The issue is the getting a plan in order. She doesn’t believe that she can have a plan Bc she can’t afford a lawyer and he can, so she assumes he will destroy her.

  13. Hi Rebecca, I just responded to one of your emails and sent you a request for a referral, but I am actually moving to Florida in the near future, fleeing from the Soviet Socialist Republic of Commiefornia, but the marriage was in this state of insanity and confusion and Jurisdiction and Venue was in San Bernardino, CA – wonderful place to be away from!

  14. The Narc will get his flying monkeys to follow you and put smear campaigns on the social media, its not so easy to be unseen anymore, they will lie about everything and make you look like the bad person especially if you dont give them the right to push you around, thats when they turn everything and say you are the bad guy,,,BUT God Will turn the tables!!Amen!!!

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  16. Okay cause I don’t want to interact with him any more. Well they serve him when I’m gone. Cause I have no words. I learned my lesson.

  17. HOW I ABLE TO SAVE MY MARRIAGE: There are lot of spiritual negativity spirit fighting most marriage and relationship today, My husband left 3 month ago we’ve been married for 13 years. He’s the one that wanted to leave I have been left devastated emotional crying wanting him back he made no attempt to contact me, He goes through the children he moved in with the lady from work I knew where he’s was. We haven’t been connecting for the past months or two we’ve just been sweeping things under the rug and then I found out that he had been texting a married woman at work and they would text more than 600 times a month but he would delete them when I confronted him about it he then went and bought a prepaid phone where I couldn’t track any of the numbers so the situation blew up and he decided to move in with this guy he said it would only be for a month but I’m was scared that it’s going to be longer, I feel that in my book of cheating if your texting a married woman and deleting the text messages that’s cheating because if there’s nothing to hide you wouldn’t be deleting these text messages and you wouldn’t have bought a prepaid phone. I feel lost and confused and don’t know where to go I went back to church and put my problems in God’s hands I pray everyday I read my Bible several times a day to try to get me through this. I try not to put the kids in the middle of this but it’s hard because he will not return any of my calls which I’ve only called him once but he won’t return any of my text messages either he always goes through the kids. I was lost and confused, But I prayed to God to please help bring back my King my happiness, It was really hard for me, I did all I could and nothings seems to change, Until I meet a Spiritists Called Dr Bernard who turn my pain to Joy and my sorrow to happiness, I told Dr Bernard my relationship problem and he told me that he will pray and my husband will come back home. never believed because I was so lost and confused but I have the faith in God that my king will come back home, But lucky for me Dr Bernard was the one who brought my love back to me, he is a good spiritist. you can contact him Via: ( You can still save your marriage if u really love your husband or wife.

  18. 2 teen boys . Almost divorced a couple years ago didn’t want my kids to have to go through court so backed out . Worst decision ever . Stuck on the Merry go round still …..

  19. My narcissist wife suddenly wants to come back to me after abandoning me for complete two years without any contact….what do i do ?…im so stressed..whether to file for divorce or give second chance?

  20. LET’S ROLL!!! It took me a very long time to finally recognize that he’s a Narcissist/Bipolar and whatever else. It’s so nasty that his breath stinks so bad, he’s rotten inside!!!💯💯💯😩😩😩

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