How to Avoid Child Support in a Divorce – Part 1

How to Avoid Child Support in a Divorce – Part 1

Are there ways to legally avoid child support in your divorce case? There are, and this video discusses these strategies including the fact that you can stay living together.

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  1. My brother is going thru a divorce in nj. He has left his wife over a year ago. And he still has not paid child support. She has exparte he signed them off to her earlier this year. She is now on the state because he has not worked since before covid. Is it true he doesn’t have to pay child support until the divorce is finalized?? I would assume he would have to pay all that back pay from the day he left. But he is saying he doesn’t. Especially since he is not working full time. It sounds like bs. But I wanted your opinion. Thank you

  2. Great summary of how child support works and how to avoid it in your divorce case.

  3. If my wife and i live in the same house seperate sides of the house and the kids live with us can child support be avoided altogether forever or will it always be brought up in the future? She as well as i agreed we want no part in child support which is why we are still married to this day. We’ve looked into uncontested divorce but still see the state wants some sort of child support plan. Arizona btw.

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