How To Be A Better Parent During Divorce

How To Be A Better Parent During Divorce

Divorce can be as painful and confusing for your children as it is for you.
Research has shown that conflict, even after divorce, can significantly increase rates of juvenile delinquency, behavioral issues, sexual promiscuity, and teen pregnancy.

It also shows that 25% of fathers aren’t involved in their child’s life after one year, which doubles after five years.

So how can you help to mitigate those chances? How can you help your children’s relationship with your spouse? Read along as we go over our four options to help ensure your children still feel loved and lovely.

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  1. It was hard for my dad to repair his relationship with me & my 8 other siblings after he moved out from hurting my mom emotionally. A lot of took my moms side and saw him as an evil guy furring that time. But he came back and earned it even though we didn’t want him in our lives. Now he’s a major part of my life and now as an adult I can inderstanf him 100%

  2. Is it ok to say that Satan is in daddy’s heart and we love daddy and hope that he kicks Satan out and decides to repent and do what’s right?

    I don’t want my kids to ever think that what is happening is ok or right in any way.

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